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What is the film I'm thinking of?! Please help!

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ProundParent2009 Sun 10-Jul-16 14:01:37

It's a really old film and I can only remember parts of it...

1. It's about a girl who ends up on the door step of a grumpy man and when the man opened the door to find her he slammed the door shut in her face, he then decides to open the door and let her in. ( I think it's her daughter)

2. When it came to breakfast he gave her cornflakes and some milk out of a glass bottle.

3. He took her to the horse races and he met this lady ( they later got together) and they both took her back to his house because she was falling asleep and the lady helped the man get her in bed.

4. I think he worked in a bank.

5. When the man first met the girl he wasn't keen and didn't know anything about children but as time went on he slowly enjoyed the responsibilities of being a carer.

I know it sounds like Big Daddy but it isn't!

This film has been stuck in my head for literally years, I used to watch it with my parents on video in the 1990's ( so could be even older than that!) I loved the film and want to watch it again!


FauxFox Sun 10-Jul-16 14:25:48

I'll do anything?

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