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Good films to 'ugly cry' to

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apple1992 Sat 14-May-16 22:30:37

There is something really cathartic about a good, sad film.

Any recommendations?

southeastastra Sat 14-May-16 22:31:32

i cry all the way through carousel

CustardLover Sat 14-May-16 22:32:59

Steel Magnolias. Beaches. The Fault In Our Stars. Enjoy!

soundsystem Sat 14-May-16 22:33:51

Beaches, for sure

Flanderspigeonmurderer Sat 14-May-16 22:34:28

Brooklyn, a lovely film with some very sad parts.

soundsystem Sat 14-May-16 22:34:30

I'm not a big crier but that always gets me

NewNameNotTheSame Sat 14-May-16 22:35:15

Hachi blush heartbreaking dog filmwith Richard Gere. I watched it when 2 weeks overdue in a bid to get the hormones flowing, went into labour the next morning grin

Scoopmuckdizzy Sat 14-May-16 22:39:45

Stepmom or One Day.

Although One Day I watched when first pregnant and it was probably the hormones that made me cry all night. DH was like hmmandconfused When I just couldn't stop sobbing and suggested I take a test the next day.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 14-May-16 22:40:31

A Very Long Engagement with Audrey Tautou. I'm still sobbing 10 years later.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 14-May-16 22:42:33

Mary & Max.

BieneBiene Sat 14-May-16 22:45:36

I never cry at films. Ever. I went to the cinema on my own one day to see About Time. Admittedly I had PMT but I sobbed all the way through the end. It was so loud and embarrassing.

I put it down to PMT though so when it came out on DVD I rented it to watch with DH. I cried even more that time. I think it is meant to be a comedy though.

Charley50 Sat 14-May-16 22:45:43

I cried from beginning to end of Never Let Me Go, properly bawled my eyes out, but I had read the book already so I knew what was going to happen.

TheBlessedCheesemaker Sat 14-May-16 22:47:19

Truly madly deeply. I tend to start crying along with Julia around 5 minutes in.
And cinema paradiso. Final scene has me sobbing like a loon.
Mind you, it could just be me. i can't even listen to Abba's 'slipping through my fingers' without sniffling.

Ihatechoosingnames Sat 14-May-16 22:47:33

The Green Mile. Proper sobbed at that.
Stepmom. Another sob-inducing film for me.

TroysMammy Sat 14-May-16 22:47:36

I always cry watching Greyfriars Bobby. The dog doesn't die and I don't, or probably never will, have a dog. I cried reading the book too.

PirateSmile Sat 14-May-16 22:48:05


23jumpstreet Sat 14-May-16 22:49:05

Lion king

MrsJayy Sat 14-May-16 22:49:16

I ugly cried at hatchi honest to god tears snot and sobs also Beaches is good for an ugly cry

DippyHippy2016 Sat 14-May-16 22:49:41

I second About Time. I pop that on if I need to ugly cry. Or the Best of Me was the last one I watched.

EvilTwins Sat 14-May-16 22:49:45

DH was away the other weekend and I'd had a shitty week at work so needed some cathartic film crying. I watched Brooklyn on the Friday night then Suffragette on the Saturday.

Swanclaw Sat 14-May-16 22:50:16

Juno. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea but I've seen it a few times now and always blub at the end. That and stick man.

NedStarksHead Sat 14-May-16 22:50:26


The part where he gets he messages from his children... I'm welling up thinking about it!

Ginmakesitallok Sat 14-May-16 22:50:51

Sophie's choice

InAClothesRut Sat 14-May-16 22:51:32

I am Sam or Pay it Forward Tears every time.

NuggetofPurestGreen Sat 14-May-16 22:51:37

Finding Neverland.

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