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Non-horror film scenes you find disturbing/weird?

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toffee1000 Wed 13-Apr-16 08:24:35

For me, it's a fairly obvious one- Live Organ Transplants from Monty Python's Meaning of Life. The whole thing is really just Terry Gilliam madness, but it just freaks me out. Thank God it's followed by the lovely Galaxy Song, though. I don't know if I'd count the whole Mr Creosote sketch because that's just flat-out disgusting... ok, bit disturbing, but more gross than disturbing.

Any other scenes from an otherwise non-horror film that creep you out?

Milzilla Wed 13-Apr-16 08:33:06

There is a hideous film called Killer Joe with Matthew McConnaughy (spelling?!) playing the lead. There is a scene involving a chicken drumstick which is v disturbing...

Went right off him after that.

glamourousgranny42 Wed 13-Apr-16 08:43:14

The hand that rocks the cradle. The scene where the nanny breastfeeds the baby then baby won't feed from mum. I watched it when my dad was little and it freaked me out.

glamourousgranny42 Wed 13-Apr-16 08:43:35

DD obviously not dad!

0phelia Wed 13-Apr-16 08:45:41

The whole of "A field in England" It's not horror or thriller, it's simply deeply disturbing.

Hated and loved every minute!

Seeyounearertime Wed 13-Apr-16 08:54:57

I think it's in Zoolander where basically the female lead is drugged up with tea and then has sex with lots of people, or at least it's implied she does.
I personally think thats rape, not a 'Funny' scene and I remember it made me so uncomfortable I stopped watching and haven't watched it since.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Wed 13-Apr-16 09:03:06

The whole of Mrs Doubtfire.

Would've worked better as a Sleeping With The Enemy/Single White Female style thriller.

I wish they'd remake it and do it properly.

guerre Wed 13-Apr-16 09:06:14

Ophelia- it has Reece Shearsmith and Julian Barratt in it-my skin is crawling already. They have the market in creepiness cornered (but are probably both absolutely lovely off screen)

ThisisMrsNicolaHicklin Wed 13-Apr-16 09:09:00

The bit in Despicable Me 2 when Gru's date with Shannon goes wrong, Lucy drugs her and they pretend she's drunk. I know she is a cartoon character but she gets horribly bashed about, the bit in the restaurant door makes me feel sick. Its compounded by the fact that the justification is that she's annoying to Gru and not as cool as Lucy.

ShutUpSirius Wed 13-Apr-16 09:34:42

The last couple of episodes of outlander. The brutality of the rape and torture scene left me very upset for days. Couldn't stop crying at the lack of power he had to stop it.

Unsure how it ended and I feel teary just thinking about it.

To be fair I was abused as a child so I think I might be projecting and it's possibly not that bad??

PeaceLoveAndJaffaCakes Wed 13-Apr-16 09:55:23

Mad Max: Fury Road, the lactation scenes made me feel sick and I couldn't watch the rest.
I did BF for over a year, but I feel icky and gross if I think about it too much. The insides of people give me heebies.

Nataleejah Thu 14-Apr-16 16:28:40

The Tin Drum -- the eel fishing scene sent me properly boaking. Even though i love eel

HerdOfRhino Fri 15-Apr-16 13:58:59

I thought that about Despicable Me 2 as well, Nicola.

Chinks123 Fri 15-Apr-16 14:02:58

I know you said non horror but this one is classed as a comedy thriller/horror so I'm going to write it anyway: Tusk

Hands down the weirdest and freakiest film I have seen, me and DP were just saying wtf all the way through.

TrionicLettuce Fri 15-Apr-16 14:04:14

I came on to say A Field in England but I see 0phelia has beaten me to it grin

Lots of it is very unsettling but particular the sequence with Whitehead and O'Neil in the tent and the following bit when Whitehead emerges again.

LovelyBrewandBiscuits Fri 15-Apr-16 14:06:55

Everything about Watership Down

KingJoffrey Yes about Mrs Doubtfire. I used to love it as a kid but now as a grown woman and a card carrying feminist I hate everything about it with a passion.

tictactoad Fri 15-Apr-16 14:20:33

I love Jumanji but lots of it gives me the heebies. The freaky hunter, the by with a tail and the bit at the end where the game is throbbing away in the sand.

I am always amazed it was certified PG.

tictactoad Fri 15-Apr-16 14:20:49


JuniDD Fri 15-Apr-16 16:05:23

The scene in The Dark Knight with the pencil. I can't bear things like that.
And pretty much all of Pan's Labyrinth but particularly the wine bottle/face scene. I had to turn it off as the overwhelming threat of violence made me unable to sit down at all. Just awful.

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