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Can anyone tell me how Margeurite ends?

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carlajean Sat 19-Mar-16 21:28:56

my DH and I have just walked out of this. It's not that we found it bad, just very boring. Could anyone do me a favour and let me know how it ends?

Rathkelter Thu 07-Apr-16 16:24:55

The final scene takes place in the hospital, where M is recuperating after collapsing on stage during her public performance. As therapy, the doc records her memories (most of them delusional, about the fabulous life on stage that she never had). He then records her singing, and sets up a fake stage in the hospital canteen, and invites the weird troupe of Pezzani, bearded woman, journalist and that wispy opera singer et al as audience. M then has to sit and listen to the recording of herself. She's supposed to, at long last, come to the realisation that her voice sounds terrible and what then? Get better? Never sing again? Anyway she collapses in shock and dies there and then, the final dramatic moment caught on medium-format camera as ever, Magalbos or whatever he's called.
Meanwhile, the husband is madly racing to the hospital to try and stop her listening to her recording. He knows it'll be the end of her, and has by then rediscovered his fondness for her. But ironically his car does break down for real this time and he gets there too late, only to catch the dying Marguerite in his arms. A bit overlong and dramatic but an unusual concept for a film, I thought.

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