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Hail, Caesar!

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sneakyhobbitses Mon 07-Mar-16 11:37:09

Anyone else catch it yet?

It wasn't what I expected - I think the trailers were quite misleading - but I really enjoyed it all the same. Not enough Channing Tatum though, I was quite interested in his character! And the subplot with Scarlett Johansson. It reminded me a lot of Burn After Reading. Immensely enjoyable though.

FishWithABicycle Mon 07-Mar-16 11:39:54

Sitting through the pre-movie adverts now (can anyone explain why I should have to pay money for something yet not get it without sitting through 20 minutes of adverts?) So will let you know later...

FishWithABicycle Mon 07-Mar-16 15:09:41

I loved it! They were all having so much fun and the set pieces demonstrating the glories of Hollywood yesteryear were brilliant. I loved the bit in the boat (argh can't say why without spoilers) and oh so many other moments of genius. Highly recommended.

Davros Mon 07-Mar-16 15:57:47

I enjoyed it although the I usually dislike Coen brothers films. The thing for me was the setting as I am a big fan of classic Hollywood so I "got" the references and enjoyed the jokes

MuddhaOfSuburbia Mon 07-Mar-16 16:02:10

my kids didn't get it at all

I did, though. I swear I've seen all the films they were making- round at my nan's in the early eighties

I loved it. Especially the boat. And the sailors. And Scarlett Johansson was fantastic

I'm going to see it again, without fidgeting teens

sneakyhobbitses Mon 07-Mar-16 16:06:34

Not a fan of the Coen Brothers Davros?! shock

I loves em I do grin

Felt sorry for the ten y/o sat in front of me though - she looked thoroughly bored by the end of the film!

And yy on the boat scene - true genius.

Davros Mon 07-Mar-16 16:59:04

I usually think their films stink on hot ice grin
You may know this but, if you like Oh Brother Where Art Thou? You must see Sullivan's Travels which is my favourite film. In fact, I will give OBWAT? Another go as it's available free on Virgin at the moment. Watch this space!!

carlajean Tue 08-Mar-16 18:55:22

I was non-plussed.
I loved the tap-dancing sailors, the mermaids, the cowboy actor having his image changed. Plus the Biblical epic. BUT half the film is about the Brolin character and his faith, which sat uneasily with the rest of the content. I believe the Coen brother's films are a really mixed bag - the brilliant (No country for Old Men, Fargo) and the duds (Intolerable Cruelty and Burn after Reading). The mystery is that film critics love them all.

GladysKravitz Tue 22-Mar-16 22:00:51

I saw this today and really enjoyed it. I saw it with my mom and DS's (young adults) and we all thought it was great. The younger ones didn't get the references to old Hollywood but that didn't seem to matter.

There are so many fab cameos and characters in it, and little strands of different stories, and I love films like that. All the actors are fantastic not just the ones you expect to be (Clooney, Brolin, Swinton, Johansson, Fiennes) but also the unknown ones like the cowboy and the starlet he goes on the date with.

For some reason I am always surprised how good Channing Tatum is in everything, even though I've never seen him be bad in anything! I think it's because he's such a pretty face, my brain won't accept he can be talented, funny, a great dancer etc as well!

On the way home me and my mom enjoyed working out the real-life references and who the characters were inspired by; Scarlet Johanssen was Esther Williams but her adopted baby story was Loretta Young, Channing Tatum was Gene Kelly, the starlet was Carmen Miranda, the cowboy was Roy Rogers, Tilda Swinton was Heda Hopper...I didn't get who George Clooney was but apparently he was any combination of Gary Cooper, Robert Taylor (who?), Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando, Kirk Douglas and Richard Burton. Funny because if I was going to cast Clooney as anyone from old Hollywood it would be Cary Grant!

I didn't realise Eddie Mannix was a real person! Apparently he was rumoured to have murdered the original Superman George Reeves (ruled a suicide) for having an affair with his wife.

Davros Wed 23-Mar-16 12:39:15

You should watch Hollywoodland about the original superman, no real conclusion but it's good, Bob Hoskins plays Eddie Mannix. I think the cowboy was also partly Audie Murphy and John Wayne who was stuffed into a tux now and then and made to play romantic lead. Tilda was Hedda Hoppe AND Louella Parsons! The Scarlett J character referred to one of her former husband as something like a jazz musician (or was it orchestra leader?) with a drug problem which I think is Artie Shaw

Lottapianos Wed 23-Mar-16 12:43:25

I really enjoyed it. The sailor dance sequence was magical - I wanted to watch it again as soon as it had finished. Very funny all the way through - particularly Josh Brolin's meeting with the religious men, and Ralph Fiennes' little dialogue coaching session with the poor cowboy actor grin

I am usually a big George Clooney fan but thought he was a bit too OTT in this, too much gurning. Everyone else was great

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