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Kung Fu Panda 3

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Loverofroses Thu 03-Mar-16 14:28:26

A new Kung Fu Panda film is always big news in our family. Be warned the plot is only a little more taxing that an episode of In The Nightgarden but its beautiful to look at and its hard not to fall in love with the characters. There are some big names doing the voices including Dustin Hoffman and Kate Hudson but the big ace for this movie is Jack Black who plays the voice of Kung Fu Panda with such gusto that it will keep the attention of even those adults who will be pulled to see it kicking and screaming! He really does as much as he can to make us care and there is a very funny sequence with the dad Panda, who on first meeting doesn't realise that he has at last found his long lost son. This film is beautifully made, it's totally gorgeous to look at and can be enjoyed on a totally aesthetic level but hey it's not about what I think. My 6 year old boy/girl twins pronounced it the best film ever. I asked them if they thought it was funny enough and they both chirped back that it was "hilarious" - I wouldn't go that far.... it's very much humour on their level. We came out of the viewing with them King Fu-ing each other and guess what I'm doing now? Googling to try and find the nearest Kung Fu class for my kids.

in summary - its a beautifully made film that kids will love - Jack Black is fabulous.....he is so made for this role!

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