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Cupofteaandpieceofcake Wed 27-Jan-16 15:04:21

Hurrah! At last a film made about real women. Lily Tomlin is terrific playing a sassy, feisty Grandmother who refuses to take shit from ANYONE. I do wish they'd come up with a different title though. It's not about being a Grandmother especially, it's about looking out for those that you love and not being afraid. It demonstrates that life is a whole lot better if we all stop being judgemental and start supporting one another.
This is one of my favourite films that I've seen this year.

aginghippy Thu 28-Jan-16 09:16:11

I loved it too. In some ways, it's just a typical road movie, but with women doing the bonding. Lily Tomlin is fantastic in it.

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