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The Big Short

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Pinkcheekswarmheart Tue 19-Jan-16 13:14:25

As you're watching this movie you can actually wipe the testosterone off the screen.
It's a great movie and goes a long way to explaining the whole banking crisis and why it happened. Genius way of explaining it too.
Can't believe (in a good way) how many really respected actors are in it, Brad Pitt included!

sneakyhobbitses Tue 19-Jan-16 14:35:31

I enjoyed it a lot - greated to see Adam McKay doing something more substantial! It reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street in a lot of ways, even down to Margot Robbie's cameo. It is a really complicated topic but I found the film didn't get overwhelmed by it - you didn't entirely have to understand the ins and outs of the financial crisis to understand the film. It was sobering too - it made me realise just how crooked the whole thing was. And probably still is.

I thought Steve Carrell was wonderful, there could have done with being more of him. Brad Pitt too was brilliant in a role that was pretty different from the sort of thing he usually does. Ryan Gosling is always nice to look at but didn't feel like he added much. Christian Bale was good, but I'm not sure he was Oscar-worthy - I thought Carrell was better.

Excited to see what McKay does next!

wigglesrock Tue 19-Jan-16 18:53:31

I loved it - thought it was one of the best films of the year - so easy to watch and absolutely fascinating but not in a desperately worthy way. The only thing that I didn't like about it was Christian Bale grin.

I think if pushed it might be my film of the year, either that Spotlight or Creed.

Tomorrowisanewday Sun 24-Jan-16 17:31:01

Fantastic film. Frightening to remember it was based on a true story. Bit sad that at the end, although the lead characters were doing it for the right reasons, they ended up being no better than the hordes who had caused the global meltdown.

regenerationfez Mon 25-Jan-16 18:29:32

Saw this today. I thought it was great. It really explained the financial crash well, IMO. I heard all the names and the credit reference agencies but wasn't really sure what happened. It made me angry all over again though that hardly anything has changed. The banks may have suspected that the government (aka us) would bail them out last time, but they absolutely know for sure now that they are bulletproof. They can do what they like.

Cupofteaandpieceofcake Wed 27-Jan-16 14:55:39

Great film. Scary and very sobering, but an important story that needed telling. It's told in an engaging way too, so hats off to the film makers. Bit depressing that these are the realities of the financial world but there it is. I just wish, very much, that we could change it!

CormoranStrike Mon 01-Feb-16 06:25:41

I thought they told a very difficult topic in an entertaining and digestible way - jenga etc.

However, I didn't love it - perhaps because even those exposing the situation simply made money from it. I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

regenerationfez Mon 01-Feb-16 08:21:12

Yes, on be of them had a conscious. It didn't even occur to them that the people suffering would be homeless families and people who couldn't afford to be cheated. But I just saw Wolf of Wall Street, which is like being sober at an orgy. At least there are a few notes to the consequences of these peoples actions, unlike the Wolf of Wall Street

BritabroadinAsia Sun 07-Feb-16 05:23:02

Really enjoyed it - engaging, funny, well directed - and completely agree that Steve Carell should have the Oscar nomination over Christian Bale. I went to see it with someone who was working in the industry at the time of the crash, and who is quite cynical both about the lack of 'lessons learned' and the potential for similar to happen again.

Not sure it has the required gravitas to win best picture, although I haven't seen the other nominated films yet.

EachandEveryone Mon 15-Feb-16 15:48:22

I enjoyed it but thought it was obvious from the beginning that they would be as bad as the bankers it was hardly a surprise. I spent most of the film wondering what I'd seen people in before there were so many of them. I've seen most of the nominated films and not one U.S. Standing out for me more than the other.

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