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Film for kids hogmanay birthday outing?

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OwlMother Mon 28-Dec-15 23:00:21

I was hoping someone with more film knowledge than I might be willing to help.

DS2's birthday is on Hogmanay, and over the last few years we have gone out as a family (myself, DH, DS1 (16) and DD (12)) to have a meal and see a film ending latish in the evening so the kids feel that the have "done" NYE.

This year I am struggling to find a film that looks suitable. DS2 will be 10, but is quite an old 10, so I am happy with certain 12A's, but not those that are too full of innuendo ( too many questions!).

What would you pick for a group like this from the current offering? Star Wars has already been seen by DH and DSs and DD and I have no desire to see it. Any and all suggestions gratefully received!

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