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Am I mad to watch 50 Shades there's sod all else to watch

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EachandEveryone Fri 20-Nov-15 22:58:56

And it's free on sky. How bad is it?

Mrsnoo72 Fri 20-Nov-15 23:18:52

It's not too bad! Found some of it rather titillating, tbh! Storyline not in-depth, but I don't think that's really what it's about, is it??

If it's free, go for it. You may get some ideas you like wink. My DH and I quite enjoyed it at the pics. Felt keenly my post-3 baby body though compared to the nubile young thing on the screen...

Lweji Fri 20-Nov-15 23:19:33

Are you sure there's nothing else at all?

SurlyCue Fri 20-Nov-15 23:21:24

Its woeful. I spent so much time laughing in the cinema my friend thought i'd taken something. You wont get that time back you know.

EachandEveryone Fri 20-Nov-15 23:21:42

No Alan Carr gets on my nerves and I've caught up with Homeland

Obs2015 Fri 20-Nov-15 23:26:08

It's ok. It's not THAT bad. Watch it.

EachandEveryone Fri 20-Nov-15 23:47:00

I lasted 15 minutes

RomComPhooey Fri 20-Nov-15 23:49:28

It's not awful awful, just borderline awful/passable.

RomComPhooey Fri 20-Nov-15 23:51:07


Well, you tried. I thought he came across even more stalkerish in the film than the book (which I finished to make sure she dumped him).

RomComPhooey Fri 20-Nov-15 23:51:50

It didn't help he'd just been on the telly playing a serial killer.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Fri 20-Nov-15 23:52:13

I watched it and ended up sobbing at how crappily he treated her (especially at the end) and knowing that in the sequels they go on to have a 'normal' relationship and he's forgiven.

Awful messages to women in that film about what romance really is. No wonder so many end up in shitty controlling relationships with manipulative selfish arseholes.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Fri 20-Nov-15 23:52:35

Not that I felt for her, terrible acting, but more for the real women who are in her shoes.

WestleyAndButtockUp Fri 20-Nov-15 23:55:22

Never read the book as it sounded dreadful. The film wasn't as bad as I expected.

But kept thinking about the fact that Patrick Marber ('Closer', 'Alan Partridge', 'The Day Today') polished the script, but then the Author of the book threw out all his edits and insisted on them using the dialogue she'd written.

How much better it could have been! The director is good, and there's a better script out there which was never made!

Redglitter Fri 20-Nov-15 23:56:59

Personally I'd put the TV off rather than watch that

CoteDAzur Sat 21-Nov-15 09:33:49

There are lots of great documentaries on YouTube.

Ironfingers Mon 21-Aug-17 18:24:59

I thought her fringe made her look like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden circa 1984.

bsbabas Fri 08-Sep-17 19:09:16

Its ok but not really a good message for a healthy relationship. Lots of red flags if you like risque movies secretary was very good and explains BDSM a bit better.

Andrena92 Wed 13-Sep-17 20:44:08

Watch 50 shades of black, soo funny!! It's better thank grey 😂

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