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Unconvincing leading men / women

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SheldonsSpotOnTheCouch Tue 03-Nov-15 10:43:06

Having just watched the Alfie remake my nomination would have to be Jude Law. He didn't come across as a charming, charismatic ladies' man. Just a smug twatty man-child. Maybe that's what they were going for? I haven't seen the original so i don't know if Michael Cane portrayed the character differently. I always felt sorry for Cameron Diaz's character in The Holiday being numbered with him too. In my mind he just isn't convincing as a romantic lead.

Who are your most unconvincing actors?

SheldonsSpotOnTheCouch Tue 03-Nov-15 10:49:18

Numbered should be lumbered of course.

tictactoad Tue 03-Nov-15 11:06:45

Daniel Day Lewis gurning for America in 'Gangs Of New York'.

MadHattersWineParty Tue 03-Nov-15 11:12:21

Ben Barnes in The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Keira Knightly as Anna Karenina

pandaskitchen Tue 03-Nov-15 11:20:01

Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage in most films he is in.

WomanScorned Tue 03-Nov-15 11:24:48

Leonardo do Caprio playing an adult in anything.

WomanScorned Tue 03-Nov-15 11:25:42

Gah, di (my phone is on it's way out)

CocktailQueen Tue 03-Nov-15 11:27:02

Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher. WTAF??

Nic Cage in anything.
Harrison Ford in anything.
Nicole Kidman in anything.
keira Knightley in anything.
Andie Macdowell from Four Weddings in anything.

TPel Tue 03-Nov-15 11:31:01

CocktailQueen we must be telepathic!

Can I add Anne Hathaway too?

MadHattersWineParty Tue 03-Nov-15 11:41:31

Have never understood the hype that surrounds Anne Hathaway.

patterkiller Tue 03-Nov-15 11:42:51

Keanu Reeve, he seems void of any emotion other than been baffled.

SheldonsSpotOnTheCouch Tue 03-Nov-15 13:04:09

I would agree with all of these. Makes me wonder how these actors get as far as they do. It seems so many of them just can't act.

CocktailQueen Tue 03-Nov-15 20:09:38

Ha - yes to Anne Hathaway - very pretty but meh.

And Keanu - just like Harrison Ford, can only look baffled. Gah!

Moln Tue 03-Nov-15 20:12:47

It is a mystery how some actors are so 'successful'. It's generally just a fame thing isn't it, they are in a film so people watch it, baffling how they got to be famous though.

Sgtmajormummy Tue 03-Nov-15 20:20:47

I snorted into my popcorn when I saw William Hurt as Mr Rochester in the 90s version of Jane Eyre- that guy couldn't smoulder to save his life!

Sgtmajormummy Tue 03-Nov-15 20:27:36

Ermmmm.... No!

JAPAB Fri 06-Nov-15 08:07:12

Whoever plays Machete badly needs to inject some sort of charisma or spark into his dialogue scenes in those films.

Nataleejah Sun 08-Nov-15 18:45:15

Ragnar in the Vikings. Just can't stand his stupid expression.
Jax Teller in SOA. Cute as he is, he looks like a male model, not a seasoned outlaw biker.

emotionsecho Sun 08-Nov-15 18:50:51

OP, Michael Caine was tremendous in the role of Alfie, it is worth you watching it if you can find it. I stayed away from the remake as the original is such a classic and so of it's time it can't be replicated or bettered, I have stayed away from other remakes for similar reasons if the original can't be improved upon, leave well alone.

MrsToddsShortcut Sun 08-Nov-15 18:58:24

I am genuinely struggling to think of a single film apart from Gattaca that I have actually seen Judd Law in.

Keanu I will defend to the death as I love him, however I don't always hold the highest expectations of his performance. Except, weirdly, The Gift, with Cate Blanchett. He played an utterly nasty abusive husband and was something of a revelation.

I second Leo, who looks like a pudgy man-child in everything, but again, I thought he was great in Revolutionary Road.

On balance I would say Brad Pitt for across the board utterly charisma free performances.

emotionsecho Sun 08-Nov-15 22:07:58

I though Leo was fantastic in The Departed.

I saw Jude Law in Sherlock but he was played off the screen by Robert Downey Junior.

slightlyglitterpaned Sun 08-Nov-15 22:14:20

Jude Law was perfectly cast as a vacuous pretty boy in The Talented Mr Ripley (not a recommendation for the film).

He doesn't appear to have bothered to learn to act. Orlando Bloom similar in pretty blandness but doesn't come across as a giant knobhead.

sooperdooper Sun 08-Nov-15 22:20:09

Gwynethe Paltrow, so dull and emotionless

Sgtmajormummy Mon 09-Nov-15 12:58:08

I thought Jude Law was very good as the husband in Anna Karenina. Getting better as he loses his looks!

batshitlady Sun 22-Nov-15 17:14:55

Warren Beatty in Mc Cabe and Mrs Miller is unconvincing.

But Nicolas Cage = Worse actor ever.

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