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suffragette - suitable for 10 year old?

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MaisyMoo123 Mon 26-Oct-15 20:32:34

Hi - I think the suffragette movement is such an important thing for girls to learn about and would love my 10 year old dd to see the film that's currently out. I'd really welcome thoughts on whether it's suitable or whether it's one to wait a few years for. Don't want to scare her, but equally would love to show her a bit of the fight they had and the reason why she should always value the vote she'll get when her time comes!

Trooperslane Mon 26-Oct-15 20:51:37

Posted on another thread the other day.

It's rough going - brilliant, but I'm not sure ok for an under 12. Me and dfriends cried frequently and there are rough scenes like force feeding etc that IMO could wait a couple of years.

I agree it's incredibly important to see though.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 26-Oct-15 21:14:18

Maisy, I wanted to take my 10 yr old & asked the same question on the feminism board. I decided against it (best to watch at home/pause DVD etc.) & went to see it at the w/e with a friend. I think on balance it was the right decision - there were a few scenes I think would have been difficult/upsetting for my DD to see & I think 12+ is a better age for this.

SuperFlyHigh Mon 26-Oct-15 21:21:12

I'd say it isn't suitable for 10 year olds even teeanagers would need forewarning as it's quite shocking and violent in parts (when Maud's husband gives up their son, the force feeding, beatings by police when demonstrating, Emily Wilding Davidson throwing herself under the horse (forget her name) - I think that's best seen at home on DVD or discussed beforehand as it was shocking and upsetting to me, my friends, my DB and SIL etc.

MaisyMoo123 Mon 26-Oct-15 22:59:30

Thanks so much for the helpful insights. It sounds like one to hold fire on. I really wanted dd to see it in cinema for maximum affect but sounds like it might be a bit too much at the moment. I'll have to find someone else to go with as I can't wait any longer to see it!!

happystory Wed 28-Oct-15 19:11:17

I think it's a bit brutal in parts for a 10 year old but she definitely should see it when she's a bit older. Heroic stuff.

Susiesue61 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:18:14

Would it be ok for a 14 year old? Would love to go with DD

SuperFlyHigh Wed 28-Oct-15 20:10:35

Susie I think a 14 year old should be able to cope with viewing it but maybe (unless you want the film to tell the story) explain the suffragette movement beforehand.

A couple of years ago I went to a talk on suffragette movement and William Morris held in a Morris House in Wimbledon and a speaker there was Sheila Hancock. We saw footage/photos and heard accounts of force feeding, the horse racing tragedy etc and I knew a bit about the movement but nothing brings it closer than seeing/hearing it first hand. I am appalled that in my private secondary schooling teaching of history we only touched on it and learnt more about the Poor Law and schools set up by well to do women (not really connected with suffragette movement but catalysts and influences in think in the events that ensued).

SuperFlyHigh Wed 28-Oct-15 20:13:58

Could you bring one of DDs friends with her? (A close friend). (subject to friend's parents' approval) as maybe them both seeing it with you it'd make it easier for them to discuss the events or research them.

I do think the violent images from the film in a teenage mind (when you can get obsessed with macabre thoughts or deep thinking!) would be easier shared with someone her own age as well as you. Does that make sense?

whattheseithakasmean Wed 28-Oct-15 20:16:03

My just 13 year old DD was fine, but she is not a sensitive sort. She had also covered the suffragettes in primary school & knew about force feeding/cat and mouse act. It all depends on the individual child, I think. I found it far more harrowing than DD!

SuperFlyHigh Wed 28-Oct-15 20:46:51

what I agree it depends on the individual teenager/young adult here!

I was sobbing at some scenes and appalled that The Swiss gave female vote in 1971.

Fairylea Wed 28-Oct-15 20:49:14

I took my year 8 12 year old dd to see it. She absolutely loved it and we had lots of good discussions about it afterwards. I think 12 onwards is about the right age.

Fairylea Wed 28-Oct-15 20:49:52

(I put year 8 because she's nearly 13, not a year 7 type 12).

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