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Magic MIke XXL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BellaAldama Wed 21-Oct-15 00:14:24

Hubby and I watch movies together all the time, so when I proposed we watch magic mike xxl, he adamantly refused and was clearly irritated. It was a little surprising, as he has never had any qualms with any movie before, not even the part 1 of this same movie. So I didnt bother with the movie. Well i found out later, he had sneakily watched the entire movie on its own as thus was discouraging me to watch too at every chance he got. He would be like "Its not funny. There is no comedy. No storyline. Just a bunch of guys thinking they can dance. What an utter waste of money." So this only made me curious to watch. And one night we had a fight and I needed something to lift my spirits/get under his skin. So I watched it. Big mistake!! Was soo horny afterwards and just kept dreaming all night, cuddling my cold pillow.

Trust me you need to watch it if you havent already. And I mean the part 2. Dont bother watching the first part as it was shit, compared to the second. I have never been to a male stripper club or seen any male strip tease (naive me!!), so this was like xmas come early. I was giggling like a little girl throughout (and am 28), and couldnt stop exclaiming at some of the moves I saw. And the movie is really funny as well. Like very comedic. There was soo much dance and a lot of stripping and what I saw some of the guys do, especially the dude who danced with tatum at the end, it was craaaaazy. Whats your take, if you've watched it, and if you havent, go watch it and come tell me!!

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