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Ever regret watching a film because it just made you feel so shit?

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sliceofsoup Fri 09-Oct-15 20:34:32

Just finished watching Philomena. Bawling. DH looking at me funny.

I wish I hadn't watched it at all, because now I am sad, and angry at the injustice of it all.

Felt similar after watching The Help.

Any one else get like this?

SpaghettiMeatballs Fri 09-Oct-15 20:36:20

Yes. War Horse. I sobbed so hard that my DH kept threatening to switch it off.

In my defence I had a newborn DS and all I could think about what all those women who loved their babies as much as I love mine to have them grow up and be slaughtered in a field in France.

tethersend Fri 09-Oct-15 20:36:26


Sarah's Key- wept.

Wolf Creek- shat self.

PeopleLieActionsDont Fri 09-Oct-15 20:38:29

Monster's Ball - I will never again watch a film solely on the basis that it's critically acclaimed. Such a miserable film - I cried bucketloads.

Seven - creeped me out and depressed me.

I am sticking to fluffy chick films in future!

ChocolateWombat Fri 09-Oct-15 20:39:26

I hated The Lovely you remember that one...about the abducted girl.
It played on my mind for ages and occasionally still does.

Things stick in my mind, so I try not to pollute it and have a general rule not to watch 18 rated films as there is usually something that will play on my mind. I do better by not seeing those things.

JeffsanArsehole Fri 09-Oct-15 20:39:58

I want to unsee:

Dogville - yeah amazingly well acted but relentlessly depressing

Hostel (?) - murdering for pleasure, horrible images

The Purge - felt really uncomfortable watching it

VinylScratch Fri 09-Oct-15 20:40:29

Mamma Mia, not for the dire singing but the unexpected emotional trauma of "slipping through my fingers". Feel good film my arse.

Tiredemma Fri 09-Oct-15 20:40:55

Precious. Just made me so sad

The Pianist. same.

MrsPingWing Fri 09-Oct-15 20:41:14

Children of God. Think about it all the time.

JeffsanArsehole Fri 09-Oct-15 20:41:56

I never watch things where animals get hurt, ever. So never seen Marley and me, war horse.

I don't care about humans so much grin

wigglesrock Fri 09-Oct-15 20:42:00

I found Monsters Ball very bleak too. The Killing Fields really affected me, I saw it years ago and have seen it since and I find it heartbreaking.

Jbck Fri 09-Oct-15 20:42:45

Rabbit Proof Fence so sad for the injustice and the fact that it was so recent.

Tiredemma Fri 09-Oct-15 20:42:50

Platoon also strangely- wish I hadn't ever seen that.

Stylingwax Fri 09-Oct-15 20:43:26

Wolf Creek.
Actually turned it off halfway through. Not nice.

CamilleDesmoulins Fri 09-Oct-15 20:43:29

Pan's Labrynth.
I was foolishly unprepared for it.

gingeroots Fri 09-Oct-15 20:44:21

They shoot horses don't they . 40 years ago and the thought of it still hurts.

sliceofsoup Fri 09-Oct-15 20:44:33

I read the book of The Lovely Bones, and it still comes into my head now. I think I watched the film, but the book has had more of a lasting effect.

I stopped watching horror or scary films about 7 years ago because of the effect they had on me. I think I will have to add any film that involves human beings treating other human beings like dirt to that list.

That will rule a lot out. hmm sad

CamilleDesmoulins Fri 09-Oct-15 20:45:25

Agree re platoon.
And of course Sophie's Choice. Really wish I could unsee that one.

sliceofsoup Fri 09-Oct-15 20:46:21

Oh god. Precious was awful. I actually felt like I might vomit at the end.

CainInThePunting Fri 09-Oct-15 20:46:48

12 years a slave. I cried and cried and cried.
The last king of Scotland was also too much for me.

ExploraDora Fri 09-Oct-15 20:47:24

Jacob's ladder. My worst fears come true. I sometimes dream about it and wake up shaking and it must be three or four years ago. Very upsetting film.

Narp Fri 09-Oct-15 20:47:46

When I saw Seven I was close to walking out.

I remember coming out to a dark, wet night and feeling so low.

It's a great dil but so relentless horrible

Narp Fri 09-Oct-15 20:48:11

great film

LittleFishBigOcean Fri 09-Oct-15 20:48:12

I am with you with Philomena. I cried like a baby, and swore about those fucking nuns.

Unknown it was a different time and blah blah blah but my maternal instinct just took over.

It affected me for days.

MascaraAndConverse Fri 09-Oct-15 20:48:16

Hostel. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Saw.

Horrible horrible films!

I refuse to watch The Human Centipede films.

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