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Notting Hill is not very accurate is it?

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Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:35:15

I mean, in the book shop and they think about how exciting it would be to see a celebrity. And Anna going into some random's house. And then kissing him - I can't get on board with this.

Charis1 Sun 06-Sep-15 22:37:09

its all a bit silly, but harmless nonsense if you enjoy killing time with that sort of thing

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:38:22

Dh is enjoying it.
We are just at the excrutiating bit where Anna has called and they can't remember the name.

definiteissues Sun 06-Sep-15 22:38:58

Don't watch it then?
Aladdin isn't very accurate either but I still love both films

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:41:33

Yes, I'm just musing. Sorry if I've touched a nerve!

Skang Sun 06-Sep-15 22:43:49

Someone is very defensive of Notting Hill. I'd that you, Hugh? [Grin]

mammuzzamia Sun 06-Sep-15 22:46:07

A bit over-excited I think at the idea of celebrity. It is all a bit silly I suppose.

PermetsTu Sun 06-Sep-15 22:46:40

This is why I don't watch romcoms.

I like Die Hard. Much more realistic. In fact, it's probably a documentary.

I noticed Notting Hill was on and I deliberately skipped past it on the guide. DH would be watching it and Iron Man 2's on ffs.

AGnu Sun 06-Sep-15 22:47:47

It's got some of the best lines though - "Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat." grin

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:48:40

I love iron man. I totally think the technology exists to keep Tony stark alive.

definiteissues Sun 06-Sep-15 22:48:40

I'm defensive because I pointed out the obvious solution of don't continue to watch a film that clearly isn't being enjoyed? Okaaaay then

BitOfFun Sun 06-Sep-15 22:50:14

The husband is enjoying it.

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:50:30

I was hoping for mild piss taking rather than practical solutions tbh. I don't have much in my life.

southeastastra Sun 06-Sep-15 22:51:44

it's a really wincey film imo, and england that doesn't exist for americans

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 22:53:01

And yes, the Hugh Grant fan next to me is chortling away.
I once commented on a thread about nearly killing him at Christmas as his vision of shopping was christmas eve in a local craft market with a light dusting of snow and a hot chocolate. Not bluewater panicking because all the Furbies have been sold, elbowing people in the crush for Disney soft toys.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 06-Sep-15 22:54:41

Is that the one where the husband insists on carrying his paraplegic wife up the stairs every night? A boyfriend carried me upstairs once. It remains one of the scariest experiences of my life.

scribblegirl Sun 06-Sep-15 22:56:43

Switch over to the 20 greatest moments of the 90s. Classic viewing wink

HamaTime Sun 06-Sep-15 22:59:19

I like the horse and hound bit,

RachelZoe Sun 06-Sep-15 23:01:02

Agree, it's bollocks, all of it, so achingly wanky and very inaccurate (I am a disgruntled Notting Hill resident)

Lots of very confused tourists wandering around these parts who have been mislead by it. It is fun in it's own cheesy way though grin

Alterego1965 Sun 06-Sep-15 23:01:30

Yes horse and hound grin

I do think Anna is a selfish twat though.

Maryz Sun 06-Sep-15 23:02:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 23:04:40

Yes to the wife carrying. I forgot that. Horse and hound? I'm waiting for the Rhys in his pants part.
Just told dh that Rhys is way more attractive than Hugh, and for some stupid reason went on to talk about my ex who looked exactly like hugh, forgetting that I'd never mentioned that before. Dh now looking disgruntled.

Noeuf Sun 06-Sep-15 23:07:17

He was quite convincing as Daniel Cleaver to be fair. That's not really a Hugh Grant film though.
I suspect I'm getting old and if it's not believable I'm only watching if Capt America is in it.

OhYeahMama Sun 06-Sep-15 23:09:24

It is about as accurate in its reflection of London life as Paddington. I enjoy both though, for the escapism, I also love Love Actually for that reason.

PermetsTu Sun 06-Sep-15 23:12:16

I've told DH that other women let their husbands watch romcom shite and he's is v jealous. He is putting up with Iron Man as I type. I LOVE Iron Man.

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