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Does anyone know the film title from this description please??

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MamOfSteel Sun 30-Aug-15 13:56:40

A friend told me of a film where there's a young man who falls in love with a much older woman (like his 20 years to her 80 or something) but she decides she wants to end her life because she is tired of it.

Google isn't helping, I have tried.


tibbysmum Sun 30-Aug-15 14:01:53

Harold and Maude?

MamOfSteel Sun 30-Aug-15 14:04:13

Yes that is it! Thankyou so much tibbysmum!

tibbysmum Sun 30-Aug-15 20:07:21


MorrisZapp Sun 30-Aug-15 20:11:13

I have a question about Harold and Maude. Does if feature a scene in which somebody cuts their own hand off? If it doesn't, which film does?

Nataleejah Mon 31-Aug-15 10:27:05

It does, except it was a fake hand

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