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Jumanji remake

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GloGirl Fri 07-Aug-15 15:03:53

So disappointed to read they are 'remaking' Jumanji today! I hope it will back fire tremendously

Angelto5 Fri 07-Aug-15 15:46:24

I certainly hope not - no one possibly could do a better job than the late great Robin Williams!sad

They seem to be running out of original stories in Hollywood with wanting to remake lots of classic films like gremlins.

Thankfully they've just scrapped the remake of the crow!smile

GloGirl Fri 07-Aug-15 15:55:40

They seem to be taking a lot of flak for it so I hope they'll drop it. It seems really disrespectful

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Fri 07-Aug-15 17:40:19

Oh, no. Awful. We knew the little boy in the film and when they were filming, he had some photos of the shoots and stories of how it was to work with Robin Williams and the other actors. Such an amazing experience. I imagine for those in the original, it must be sad to see this "wiped out" by a remake.

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