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Mr Holmes

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Davros Mon 22-Jun-15 22:34:45

Lovely production, DH says in 4k (whatever that is). A nice gentle film with great acting. Not a fabulous story that i want to see over and over again like some films, but a nice way to spend an afternoon

SoleSource Tue 23-Jun-15 15:06:08

Just came home from watching this movie. I found Holmes quips and things he said amusing. Moving tale. Nice movie. Ian McKellen is superb as per! Had a few tears as I can relate to the characters loneliness

Davros Tue 23-Jun-15 20:03:15

I forgot to say, in the scene where the woman (Anne?) was looking in the shop window, it was a taxidermist called Ambrose Chappell. That is the name of the taxidermist in Hitchcock's The Man a Who Knew Too Much. Obviously a reference

SoleSource Tue 23-Jun-15 21:12:26

Ahh well spotted! I wouldn't have known although I haven't watched that movie too.

Davros Tue 23-Jun-15 23:24:08

You should try to see it. The taxidermist scene is hilarious

DorisLessingsCat Tue 23-Jun-15 23:35:42

Awesome trivia. It was an excellent film.

SoleSource Tue 23-Jun-15 23:42:37

Cary Grant? Davros

I have seen it, my tablet said haven't but I typed have.

DramaQueenofHighCs Tue 23-Jun-15 23:50:11

Oh so glad it's got good reviews here!
I'm really busy the next week and a bit doing stuff, some of which is totally out of my comfort zone, and had in mind to treat myself to going to see this at my local cinema when I have the time.
Looking forward to it. smile

Mrsjayy Tue 23-Jun-15 23:54:54

Dd saw it tonight and loved it

dressingpalette Wed 24-Jun-15 00:30:54

I was a bit disappointed. Wouldn't be out of place as a TV drama on a Sunday night.

Mrsjayy Wed 24-Jun-15 08:12:27

Oh dd said exactly that it was like a sunday drama

Davros Wed 24-Jun-15 13:05:22

Agree it was like a Sunday drama.
The Man Who Knew Too Much was James Stewart and Doris Day, with a brilliant scene in the Albert Hall. I think there should be a Hitchcock night at the proms including the music in the actual Albert Hall!

DramaQueenofHighCs Wed 24-Jun-15 18:45:05

Tv drama is just what I love! grin

redshoeblueshoe Thu 25-Jun-15 09:46:27

Drama - I loved it. Milo Parker was brilliant, in fact they were all brilliant. If Laura Linney's name hadn't come up at the beginning I know I'd of spent the entire film thinking who is she
I didn't know there was a film section here blush

Dowser Thu 25-Jun-15 21:45:42

I decided to give it a miss.

Too much dementia in my family to see my hero swallowed up by it too.

Also watched Prunella Scales on the canals last night and that was sad enough.

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