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Far From The Madding Crowd

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funambulist Mon 18-May-15 20:07:08

I went to see this today and really enjoyed it. Carey Mulligan plays the central character, Bathsheba Everdene, who finds herself in a position of unexpected wealth and power for a young woman living at that time (19th century). Three very different men wish to marry her and the film explores how she deals with both them and her new found responsibilities.

gonegrey56 Mon 18-May-15 20:09:35

I agree, loved it. I am old enough to remember the first version, with Julie Christie etc, and was ready to be critical but I adored this film. Carey Mulligan was brilliant .

LaurieFairyCake Mon 18-May-15 20:10:41

Also loved it. Carey Mulligan was wonderful
as Bathsheba.

Beautifully shot too.

funambulist Mon 18-May-15 20:12:36

So glad to have someone to discuss this with! I loved the scene where she was meeting her farm workers for the first time. She was clearly really nervous about it but stood her ground with, was it the bailiff? really bravely. I thought the actor who played Gabriel Oak was great, though the Guardian review didn't think much of him.

gonegrey56 Mon 18-May-15 20:18:57

I agree completely! Glad I did not let some of the luke warm reviews put me off. Great casting throughout.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 02-Jun-15 20:29:40

A couple of friends and I saw it.
We thought it was very good.
Friend 1 fell in love with Gabriel Oak grin

funambulist Wed 03-Jun-15 13:54:27

Yes. Bathsheba really should have picked Gabriel in the first place, although I suppose it would have been a very short film / book then.

Only just found this! Saw it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Carey M was alright, but the actor playing Gabriel Oak was brilliant - and bloomin' gorgeous too.

bethshart Mon 08-Jun-15 14:10:55

I loved the original and thought everyone was perfect for their parts, especially Julie Christie and Alan Bates. She played Bathsheba with a definite feel of the 1960s. I have watched it many times since and was worried that I wouldn't like the new version, but the story is so fantastic that it didn't matter, especially with Carey Mulligan playing Bathsheba as a woman more for today's audience. The only disappointment for me was the guy playing Sergeant Troy - nowhere near as believable as Terence Stamp. I agree with everyone about the guy playing Gabriel Oak, but then he was going to win out all the time, because we'd all love a man like him to be around - loyal, a good friend, ever faithful, and passionate to boot. The scenery was brilliant and made me want to dash down to Dorset immediately, though I think some of it was filmed in Belgium, where the gorgeous Matthias Shoenaerts comes from.

Dowser Thu 25-Jun-15 22:05:16

Loved it! Loved! Loved it!

I think all young girls should be made to watch it as part of their curriculum. Maybe boys too.

Would watch it again and it's rare I say that!

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