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Tell us about your favourite Box Sets for your chance to win a bunch of DVD Box Sets

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SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-Apr-15 15:01:19

Do you love a good Box Set?

Is there one that you have been raving about or discussing on Mumsnet?

Have you just watched your last season and need to make the tough decision of what to watch next?

Share your suggestions below of the best Box Sets to get stuck into and one lucky winner will be chosen on 12th May and we will send you a bumper package of DVD Box Sets care of Twentieth Century Fox, including Alvin and the Chipmunks, Modern Family and Bones.

Good luck!

LauraChant Wed 29-Apr-15 15:13:02

Ah, we're all about the box sets here. My very favourite is Battlestar Galactica which I am trying to watch through for a second time but DH won't watch it, so I have to grab viewings when he isn't around.

We both loved all the Euro dramas, The Killing, Spiral, Borgen , I didn't think I would get into them but I did. We're watching Dexter at the moment. We loved The Wire when I was pregnant with DS1, so seven/ eight years ago.

couldntbebothered Wed 29-Apr-15 15:19:39

Breaking bad an all time favourite. Currently hooked on the good wife which I binge watched on netflix in order to catch up with more4!
Really enjoyed the killing; have several more lined up on netflix - rest of house of cards, the bridge, maybe dexter.

emmelinelucas Wed 29-Apr-15 15:31:13

It has got to be Prisoner Cell Block h - I have all 20 volumes and just watch them all the time when I want a chocolate and wine afternoon.
I also like Ghosthunters and Haunted, which I can only watch on my laptop, so good for when DH is watching the football on tv.

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 29-Apr-15 15:38:14

I love boxsets!

We discovered 30 Rock and Community on boxset, both very funny.

But Firefly is my favourite, only boxset I can remember vast numbers of people buying duplicates of so they could have a second to lend out to friends and convert them!

MollyAir Wed 29-Apr-15 15:54:19

I think The Wire is still the gold standard, although all the Scandi series are excellent - The Bridge; Legacy... Spiral from France has been amazing.

polarbearshuffle Wed 29-Apr-15 15:58:23

Ah box sets. Pre children dp and I would get hooked and stay up till the early hours watching "just one more episode" grin my favourite box set had to be the first one I became addicted to...Prison Break! Absolutely loved it (apart from the last episode but I won't spoil it for anyone). Literally had us gripped and we just had to watch the next episode. Brilliant at a cliff hanger is Prison Break! grin

crappyday Wed 29-Apr-15 15:58:26

West wing!
Borrowed it from some friends & absolutely loved it! I'd really like to watch it all again.
Has the advantage as well that I now actually understand American politics so when they went into 'shutdown' I totally understood what was going on.
Tried house of cards which I did like as well, but it made me grumpy cos they're such horrible people. West wing always made me feel great. smile

LocalEditorEssex Wed 29-Apr-15 16:00:13

Since my children are now away at weekends I looked into box sets and discovered scandal. I love it ! I watched the first three series over a couple of weekends and was very upset when I discovered the new series is now on but not available on box sets yet.
I have tried others to keep me going until it is available but I do not enjoy any of them as much as scandal.

CopperPan Wed 29-Apr-15 16:13:47

We're enjoying going through the Big Bang Theory as a family and DS likes Supernatural. DH and I like watching House of Cards together but have to wait until the dc are in bed.

RitaCrudgington Wed 29-Apr-15 16:16:27

Game of Thrones is my box set of choice. I don't have a Sky so I buy the boxsets when they come out on Blinkbox at the end of the run and binge them on my tablet.

Just been catching up on my old Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel DVDs as well and enjoying them as much as ever despite the occasionally ropy CGI so I'd love to win Bones box sets to see What David Boreanaz Did Next.

starlight36 Wed 29-Apr-15 16:23:25

We are very late to the Mad Men party but really enjoying it. The writing is fantastic and the styling throughout the sixties has been stunning.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Wed 29-Apr-15 16:23:27

Oh dear, how to choose a favourite - we have loads. We tend to watch a dvd rather than the tv.

Buffy, Angel & Firefly are probably our all time favourites.

DD I I have worked our way through Ugly Betty & Greys Anatomy, while DP & DS have been watching Game of Thrones.
We have loads of comedies too BlackAddder, Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, IT Crowd, Black Books etc.
I love introducing the dc's to a program dp & I have enjoyed in the past, especially when they plead for just one more episode.

MumSnotBU Wed 29-Apr-15 16:27:41

We loved The Killing. On the basis of this thread I'm getting DH The wire and Spiral for next presents!

MimsyBorogroves Wed 29-Apr-15 16:34:45

Frasier or Spaced. <retro>

I'd love Game of Thrones as a box set as the adverts piss me right off, and the sound quality is awful on the sky channel (Atlantic?)

Samcro Wed 29-Apr-15 16:38:05

Sons of anarchy
best thing ever

DingleberryFinn Wed 29-Apr-15 16:39:44

Breaking Bad. Ruined all other box sets for me.

Badgerwife Wed 29-Apr-15 16:44:17

We've watched loads in recent years. it's the only way we catch up on Game of Thrones.

A recent favourite has been Fringe, but I've been known to rewatch X-Files, new Dr Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as we own all of them.

pillowaddict Wed 29-Apr-15 16:54:24

Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Charmed and Sex and the City are some of my all time favourites that I can watch over again - and I feel able to do this because they are all finished! If something is still 'on' I try not to go backwards, but I do enjoy waiting until I have several seasons to catch up with. More recently I have loved the Good Wife and Supernatural. I love box set watching because it means not thinking about schedules or tv planning and also means no waiting for the next episode!

Roseformeplease Wed 29-Apr-15 16:56:20

Boston Legal. Currently on Mad Men but it is not as good!

FeelingSmurfy Wed 29-Apr-15 16:58:51

I don't think I could choose between Bad Girls or Monk

RatOnnaStick Wed 29-Apr-15 16:59:39

West Wing is the hands-down favouriteof course. This comes out approximately once every two years when we run out of everything else, takes us 6ish months to watch (DH insists on one episode a night only hmm) and gives us breathing space to choose something else.

Special mention for Sopranos and House of Cards (US) too.

We've just dug out The Thick Of It for the election - seems appropriate. Other than that we're working our way through The Good Wife which is watchable but formulaic.

Twothirdsamidwife Wed 29-Apr-15 17:05:01

Everything from SATC, prison break, Dexter, weeds, breaking bad, once upon a time, OITNB and most recently person of interest and the good wife - cannot bear to watch any series one episode a week!!!

Justusemyname Wed 29-Apr-15 17:13:56

My favourites are 24 and Bones. We used to like CSI but DH wasn't keen on Ted Danson in it. We couldn't get on with The Americans. Too try hard I think. We used to like Homeland but the last episode of series four was rubbish.

Justusemyname Wed 29-Apr-15 17:18:54

I used to like Prison Break but probably won't watch it all again as one part really scared me.

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