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Have you ever done/been in/seen a "movie moment"?

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ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 15-Apr-15 12:24:52

you know the thing

- surprise birthday party
- huge romantic gesture
- water breaking in a public place
- last minute airport dash
and so on

we did a surprise party for a friend once. he had no idea and said "I thought this only happens in films!" grin

catlady1 Wed 15-Apr-15 12:29:34

I had a surprise party thrown for me, but I knew about it. To this day my friends still think it was a surprise. I do feel guilty for pretending but couldn't see the point of ruining their efforts! It was a great party anyway grin

hobNong Wed 15-Apr-15 22:21:49

Not a movie moment but there's been quite a few times I've felt like I was in EastEnders!

PekeandPollicle Wed 15-Apr-15 22:33:17

DH had a bad accident and was in hospital unable to walk, he had been for weeks with no progress. dS and I visited him one night when he'd got s full cast plus splint and frame and DS (3 at the time) asked him to stand - he managed to stand for a minute and walk two steps.

It really felt like one if those films where someone wakes from a coma on hearing their child's voice! It gave him the encouragement he needed to try.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 15-Apr-15 22:54:43

shock wow! that is amazing! I hope he has recovered wellthanks

echt Sun 19-Apr-15 06:38:06

Surprise birthday (twice on the same weekend, and I was shock smile both times.

Ekkwhine Sat 25-Jul-15 21:24:23

My waters leaked a little during school pick up? Not very dramatic compared to the onscreen gushes of amniotic fluid. Even less so as I thought I'd just pissed myself a bit...

dreamingofblueskies Mon 27-Jul-15 20:54:30

I was in New York in the rain and a taxi drove through a massive puddle and soaked me. I was over the moon, felt like I was in a rom com. grin

Same holiday, walking through Central Park in the snow, gorgeous. I suppose New York's in so many films it's hard not to have a movie moment there.

iwasyoungonce Mon 27-Jul-15 21:29:10

I was merrily chatting away to my DH about something that happened at work when I realised he had fallen asleep... I thought that only happened in films.

That's not the kind of thing you meant though, was it? grin

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