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Davros Fri 27-Mar-15 22:33:09

Stunning to look at, beautifully made, wonderful costumes. HBC was the most panto thing about it as the fairy godmother. Cate Blanchett was gorgeous. It had a "fairytale" feel to it, not surprisingly, with heightened colours, extravagant sets and extreme characterisation, all to be expected. Prince Charming was pretty naff. We enjoyed it, glad we saw it at the cinema as prolly wouldn't sit through it at home.

AGirlCalledBoB Fri 27-Mar-15 22:34:25

I actually want to see it but I only have DS(18 months) so need to find someone else to watch it with me blush

Quokka12 Fri 27-Mar-15 22:35:31

Taking my dd to see it on sun and a friend slightly worried my dd 5 will sit through quietly even if difficult but will it engage the friend?

PartyFops Fri 27-Mar-15 22:40:35

Is it too old for a nearly 4 year old who loves frozen?

Davros Sat 28-Mar-15 00:11:46

There is a short Frozen film before the main film which I assume is new, never having seen Frozen. A happy birthday to Anna sequence. I think quite young kids would like Cinderella, it is visually stunning, simple and clear storytelling, not too long. The only thing is that the ending is predictable!'

Magmatic80 Sat 28-Mar-15 07:03:50

Went last night on a whim and loved it! Was a bit worried at the beginning as it seemed a bit too cheesy but the ball was glorious and after that you just get swept up in the fairy tale. Music was great, the frocks were divine. Cate Blanchett was fantastic.

There were only two children in a full screening. You could see the dad panic when they arrived late that he'd got the wrong screen grin

lavendersun Sat 28-Mar-15 07:07:11

I liked it, DD (8) was bored half way through.

EmGee Mon 30-Mar-15 16:59:27

Saw it with my two DDs aged (just) 3 and 5. They had seen the trailer, love the book and really wanted to go. The 3 yo was remarkably good considering (she has seen Frozen and has watched other feature length films e.g. Disney princess films). In retrospect, I would say it was definitely too long for her but she was pretty good and would not wanted to have been left out! The 5 yo enjoyed it and didn't fidget at all. Both sat on our knees though (think it was the volume/dark cinema).

Loads of adults in the cinema and not very many children at all!! I was surprised.

It was great - really enjoyed it (even DH) - we will def get it on dvd. I thought all the actors were great and KB did a fab job directing it.

zippey Mon 30-Mar-15 17:25:48

I saw this with my nearly 4 year old. She watched it without fidgeting much for about 80 minutes and then started getting resltless. A bit long, but Im glad we went. I loved the film. Great moral tale about being kind, brave and forgiveness. It was sad and uplifting at the same time. Unlike a lot of these reboots, there wasn't an attempt to modernize the film, it was a truly old fashioned rollicking tale.

The Frozen short was great as well.

00100001 Tue 14-Apr-15 16:56:33

those are some VERY BLUE EYES!! grin

LadyIsabellaWrotham Tue 14-Apr-15 17:04:51

The costumes were divine and the sets were gorgeous. The cast was brilliant except for the prince who was a very slightly weak link. I went with DD, 12 and we had a great time, total comfort viewing.

Indantherene Tue 14-Apr-15 19:10:37

Went to see it with my 8 yo and wished I'd gone on my own. I loved it. She got bored halfway through and started rolling about (luckily we were in our own row in an almost empty cinema so she wasn't disturbing anyone else).

I liked the way they stuck faithfully to the original story while putting in some extra bits. Rob Brydon was funny.

ceeveebee Tue 14-Apr-15 19:19:44

I took our 3.4yo b/g twins, they both loved it - the only difficult part were the death scenes (mother, father then the king) which I am still answering questions about 3 weeks later... But it is a beautifully made film - the scenes where the pumpkin etc is transformed and back again are really well done

Groovee Tue 14-Apr-15 19:24:38

My dad is 15 and she got very emotional at sad and happy parts. But we loved it. The frozen clip was good.

YesILikeItToo Tue 14-Apr-15 19:42:03

Dd (4) enjoyed it, but as some commentators has predicted, she got an unhelpful message from it - you have to be kind to people no matter how unkind they are to you.

PandaNot Tue 14-Apr-15 20:02:02

Dd7 loved it. She got a little concerned that all the parents died but that was it.

NickiFury Tue 14-Apr-15 20:09:41

Prince Charming was HOT. Very happy to see Robb Stark again smile.

laylabelle Wed 15-Apr-15 12:21:58

Thought it'd be sickly sweet but loved it Did cry a bit lol.So good and hope Beauty and the Beast is just as

FrozenAteMyDaughter Wed 15-Apr-15 13:58:52

I went with DD(5) and another friend and her daughter the same age. They were both pretty bored TBH, despite being avid Frozen fans. Except for the Fairy Godmother bits and maybe the ball itself where the spectacle held their attentions.

I didn't mind it but found it a bit sickly-sweet in places.

DianeBlack Wed 20-May-15 12:25:50

The best fairy-tale of my childhood!

BigRedBall Wed 20-May-15 12:29:30

We watched it in march. Dd(7) enjoyed it in parts but found it boring in other parts. I really enjoyed it! blush. Not something we'd buy on DVD though.

The frozen film was funny. Dd kept saying what an attention seeker Elsa was. I agreed with her.

checklam Fri 17-Jul-15 13:54:37

I want to talk to someone who could share me of how Cinderella influence their kids, anyone could help? thanks

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