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to think the new Cinderella film isn't going to be suitable for 3 and 4 year olds (however much they'd enjoy the Frozen mini-film that runs before it)

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estya Thu 12-Mar-15 21:07:45

It's been suggested for our Frozen loving kids as a group outing in the Easter hols.

I'm a bit sceptical anyway, because of the whole marry a prince and live happily ever after theme. And the fact they are using Frozen to sell another thing to our kids.

But it's the parents dying and the girl being raised by horrible people story line which is all the more realistic because it's not a cartoon.

I reaslise Disney think that this film is a good match for Frozen fans but AIBU or are kids or 3 and 4 are too young for this?

This is the trailer

26Point2Miles Thu 12-Mar-15 21:10:53

Maybe it's aimed at older children?

strawberrie Thu 12-Mar-15 21:11:04

My kids are big cinema fans and have both been going regularly since the age of 2; I think the real sticking point with this might be the lack of animation. My two definitely don't have the same attention span for live action movies, although my 3 yr old did stick it out through Paddington.

I'd be wary of taking 3 year olds especially if their expectations are something Frozen-esque.

NormHonal Thu 12-Mar-15 21:13:09

I was wondering about this too.

I guess the Frozen short will be on iTunes/DVD soon enough?

Charlotte3333 Thu 12-Mar-15 21:14:29

My 4 year old wants to see it, and I don't see any more harm in the story than in any other make-believe fairytale. It looks beautiful. A few friends of ours said they believed Maleficent would be too dark for him, he's watched it at least a dozen times. Go for it.

NormHonal Thu 12-Mar-15 21:16:53

No mention of a Frozen Fever DVD on Amazon just yet. But fuck me, wouldn't you know it, there are new dolls out already wearing the new they look like the old ones but with flowers on dresses from the film.

And...cue the rush on the new Elsa dress on the Disney Store.

Nope. Not falling for it this time, Disney.

DigApony Thu 12-Mar-15 21:22:51

I think it depends on the children. My daughter is just 4 but loves 'darker' films and cartoons rather than princess type films. Coraline, labyrinth, spirited away, maleficent, moomins, goonies, goosebumps series etc. Took her to watch into the woods which she loved but it terrified my 7yr old.

countessmarkyabitch Thu 12-Mar-15 21:25:29

Parents dying and evil usurpers is every single disney movie ever. And fairy tales are meant to be dark and twisted.
Little kids love that shit, unless you teach them to be scared of it!

molyholy Thu 12-Mar-15 21:29:16

I am sure I read kenneth branagh has written it so its not the old sexist storyline of girl being married and saved by a prince. I personally can't wait to go and aee it with my 6yr old dd. She too likes the darker type of films as a pp said.

estya Thu 12-Mar-15 21:58:21

Well unless he's changed the ending to Cinderella standing up to the step-mother, heading out, getting herself a job and no longer needing to rely on someone else (however badly they treat you), I'm not sure it'll be good enough to satisfy me that it's not the old sexist storyline.

26Point2Miles Thu 12-Mar-15 22:01:23

So don't go to see it? You have a choice

BooChunky Thu 12-Mar-15 22:03:45

I'm going to take my four year old to see it... She liked Into The Woods and loved Maleficent so I think she can handle it...

The Frozen short is just a bonus wink

countessmarkyabitch Thu 12-Mar-15 22:08:06

It's a 400 year old story. YABU for thinking it should be modernised to suit your feelings.

ceeveebee Thu 12-Mar-15 22:08:28

Parents die in Frozen too, and a life locked in a bedroom is pretty horrible. Agree about the 'saved by a prince' stuff but really that applies to every disney film except Frozen and Brave. Am taking 3 yo DD who is apparently looking forward to seeing cinderella's dress being ripped and her crying on the bench.

bluelamp Thu 12-Mar-15 22:11:05

Do you know the Grimms version? Much better than the Perrault version we think of as the classic version. He could have been inspired by that and it would feel more up to date.

AlanBstardMP Thu 12-Mar-15 22:35:04

You forgot Pocahontas ceevee. And Mulan. And The Princess and the Frog. And some others I've probably forgotten. grin

I always thought Cinderella was a shit story anyway. If this version has those fucking singing mice I will stay as far from it as possible.

And the new flowery Frozen dresses are awful.

miserableatwork Thu 12-Mar-15 22:37:58

I was thinking about taking dd who is 5 but I'm sure I saw a part of the trailer with someones head being chopped off. Not too sure how she would take that so will prob wait for it to come to dvd then get her to cover her eyes for that bit if the rest is ok. It looks pretty good though!

WildFlowersAttractBees Thu 12-Mar-15 23:31:36

I am planning to take DD aged 3.5 to see it. She loves 'scary' films as she calls them such as maleficent, Alice in wonderland and 101 Dalmatians.

estya Fri 13-Mar-15 10:11:13

I agree with most of what everyone is saying. We don't watch many films, Frozen is the only Disney Princess film she's seen. While I wouldn't question whether some of the others would be suitable, I think the trailer for this one seems more upsetting because it's real people, not cartoon characters going through this stuff.
So I don't think you can compare it to the Disney cartoons for preschoolers.

no4namechange Fri 13-Mar-15 10:39:21

Saw it today and took my almost 5 and 3 year old. They loved it, as did I. Visually it is incredibly clever as well as beautiful.

estya Fri 13-Mar-15 10:39:45

I'm not asking for it to modernised to suit my feelings.
Lots has changed wrt the status of woman and girls since the first film came out, let alone in 400 years or whatever it is.
I guess I'm surprised that, unless the story has been brought up to date, a story that was a quaint, old fashioned tale that wasn't relevant now days is being re-done.
My daughter isn't in school yet so perhaps I'm still nieve to all of this sort of thing.

estya Fri 13-Mar-15 10:42:35

That's helpful No4. Thanks.

countessmarkyabitch Fri 13-Mar-15 11:39:28

If you updated all classic stories to be modern, every story would be the same. I think you are missing the point of fiction.
If you don't think its suitable for your children, don't bring them. It really is that simple.

Capricorn76 Fri 13-Mar-15 12:10:35

The problem I have with it is the actress who plays Cinderella has complained that the corset she was wearing was so tight in order to make her as skinny as possible that she had to eat puréed food. A woman forced to abandon solids to have a waist smaller than one of my thighs is not what I want my daughter to see.

Capricorn76 Fri 13-Mar-15 12:19:42

Plus I'm starting to get pissed off with Disney marketing princess shit to girls. DH and I try really hard to steer our DD away from pinkification and princess crap and it seems the harder we try the harder Disney works and spends more money to convice her that she needs to look a certain way and be a princess type girl. It feels like a conspiracy to keep girls from aiming higher.

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