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Good cinemas

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bloggs Sun 25-Apr-04 23:03:23

What do you look for in a good cinema (and don't say a creche)? Most of the cinemas near me are those depressing multiscreens where if you get the wrong screen you end up seeing a film on something the size of a bathmat.

tammybear Sat 15-May-04 21:48:24

Usually they give you the big screens to watch a film on when they're in their first or second week of screening. Odeon's and UCI's are really good cinemas to watch films in I find

Davros Sun 16-May-04 10:54:01

I LOVE the Everyman Cinema because it has fabulous big, comfy leather seats, loads of room, lovely bar area - all VERY civilised and worth going to in itself. Its "art house" so it usually shows different films to our local multiplex which I also like. Nothing like seeing a film on a big screen with good sound and comfy surroundings.

Azure Mon 17-May-04 21:13:21

The Electric in Notting Hill is the best cinema I have been to. Huge seats with footstools, and a convenient side table to place your glass of wine and nibbles from the bar. The experience is so much better than going to your average chain.

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 21:15:07

I like the arty one in southampton but no eating goes on just lots of serious films

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