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The Departed

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ellenrose Mon 23-Oct-06 17:55:01

anyone seen it yet? any good?

fartmeistergeneral Mon 23-Oct-06 22:11:57

ooooh, yes, excellent, want to see it again.

Warning, very violent, so much killing that at one point (lift scene) the cinema audience was laughing. Not that the film was rubbish, but how many people can die in one movie????

Def recommend

firsttimemama Mon 23-Oct-06 22:21:36

Great film - Leonardo was excellent in it - did not look at my watch at all and didn't want it to be over! This is a miracle for me. Matt Damon super white teeth annoyed me though!

AshNotTheHousewaresOne Tue 24-Oct-06 09:42:01

Quite fancy this to see what Scorsese has done with the source material The original 'Infernal Affairs' is absolutely reckon it was in safe hands with the Martyman in control!

zazas Tue 24-Oct-06 09:48:21

Excellent. Jack Nicholson was outstanding in it. A long film which kept me awake to the end which is not mean feat being pregnant!

ellenrose Thu 26-Oct-06 13:11:32

Excellent - might have to make an effort to see this then. Don't think I can wait for DVD

Jbck Sun 29-Oct-06 19:14:28

Really enjoyed it but I felt Jack & Alex Baldwin overacted their way through it. Jack's really a parody of himself these days. Leonardo was excellent though. DH said it wasn't a patch on the original tho.

ready4motherhood Wed 01-Nov-06 13:54:32

Outstanding. Not one single thing wrong with it. Oh, except, Ray Winstone's accent was rubbish, was he American, was he Irish... Who could tell!!

TsarChasm Sat 04-Jul-09 12:57:20

Ok this is a rather elderly thread I know, but I watched this last night. Damn good film. I loved it.

Dh has a habit of wanting to watch films then falling asleep and leaving me wading through something dire. He fell alseep again last night hmm but this one was v good! (violent though)

Agree about Ray's awful American/cockeney accentgrin

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