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Often asked. Looking for recommendation of best movies | films for 5yo

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DaddysMamasNet Wed 24-Sep-14 21:30:48

I've seen some posts on Mumsnet on suggested films for DD. I'd like to recompile an updated list of great, and wholesome, movies suitable for a five year old girl.

I'd be interested to know what would the people on Mumsnetters might add to this list:.

Alice in Wonderland
Kiki's Delivery Service
Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Finding Nemo
How to Train Your Dragon
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Nanny McPhee
Peter Pan
The Phantom Tollbooth
Snow White
Pink Panther
Charlie Brown
Little Mermaid
Winnie the Pooh
Mary Mungo & Midge

I would also like to get some good YouTube suggestions if anyone knows of some great examples. Particularly anything that will benefit DD's reading.

Primafacie Wed 24-Sep-14 23:26:16

My neighbour Totoro
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Mary Poppins
The Sound of music
Gnomeo and Juliet
Room on the broom
Toy Story (all of them)
Monsters inc
Despicable me

StillSquirrelling Thu 25-Sep-14 23:24:02

I have 6 and 5 year old girls and these are some of their favourite films:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (old or new versions)
Frozen (obviously!)
Sound of Music (they adore this!)
Tinker Bell movies
Brave Little Toaster
Charlotte's Web
Enchanted (this is a great film!)
The Croods
My Little Pony - The Movie (old one from the 80s)

Pretty much all of the Barbie movies are lovely. Don't rush to discount them because they're Barbie. I know lots of mums are completely anti-Barbie (I am to be honest) but the films are usually remakes of traditional tales and have excellent soundtracks/scores. My daughters have developed a love of classical music from watching Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Pink Shoes.

gamescompendium Thu 25-Sep-14 23:37:29

Wholesome is an interesting requirement, have you tried looking on Common Sense Media for synopsis of films you are considering to see if they fit your definition of wholesome. Anyway, you do have some good options, some others might be:

The Rescuers, Lilo and Stitch, The Wild Thornberries, Nim's Island, The Wizard of Oz, 101 Dalmations, Laura's Star, Brave, Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIHM.

DaddysMamasNet Fri 26-Sep-14 10:56:18

I don't know of Enchanted StillSquirrelling but a quick glance at this IMDB entry suggests it's the 2007 film. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm enjoying browsing these.

I appreciate Sound of Music being included, It's got a dark side but that makes its story all the more memorable.

Quenelle Fri 26-Sep-14 11:07:01

Tangled. Better than Frozen IMO.
Ice Age
The Borrowers

grendel Fri 26-Sep-14 11:14:24

The Croods and How to train your dragon are both very VERY popular with 4.5 yr old DN who can now recite them practically word for word.

If your DD is a bit sensitive, just be a bit wary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland (new version) (both can be a bit disturbing) and also Matilda (I remember my DD being horrified that any parents could be so mean).
Also although we all loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins when we were younger, if you watch it now they feel really slow.

Also, contrary to an earlier poster, DO NOT show either Bambi or Dumbo to a sensitive young child! In one the mother gets KILLED in the other she is dragged off in chains. Very upsetting for little children.

Also although Lilo and Stitch is a great film when they are a bit older, again my DD struggled with it a bit when she was very young (5ish) because it centres around the fact that the children's parents are dead and they are all grieving in their own ways.

But I agree that Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service and Totoro are all lovely.

SunnyRandall Fri 26-Sep-14 11:27:53

Mulan - dd has announced that she now loves this more than Frozen

Ella Enchanted


The Spy Next Door

All the Spy Kids films

All the Tinkerbell films

Out of these my personal faves are Ella Enchanted and Mulan.

Dd is almost 6 by the way.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 26-Sep-14 11:28:47


DaddysMamasNet Fri 26-Sep-14 13:20:25

I'm having trouble gamescompendium finding a definitive reference to you suggestion of Mrs Frisby other than an indirect reference to an 1963 TV Movie, Petticoat Junction and an ambiguous reference to a film, not made yet, involving 'Rats of Nihm'. Would you expand please?

Primafacie Fri 26-Sep-14 21:29:00

DD loved Dumbo from age 2 onwards. There's a happy ending you know ;) <spoiler alert>

StillSquirrelling Fri 26-Sep-14 23:04:28

It's Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH. It's a film based on a book. I really liked it as a child, although I read the book before I saw the film.

StillSquirrelling Fri 26-Sep-14 23:05:56

Oh, and another recommendation, if you can manage to get hold of any of them, are the Dot and the Kangaroo films. Really good films!

gamescompendium Fri 26-Sep-14 23:25:37

Oh sorry, the book is Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIHM (very highly recommend the book actually) and the film is called The Secret of NIHM. It's a beautifully illustrated cartoon but changes the story from the book to have more magical elements.

DaddysMamasNet Sun 28-Sep-14 12:35:48

I found it!

Amazing that YouTube haxs a couple of users with the full movie to watch. Thanks for these first of many YouTube recommendations I hope to find.

Dot And The Kangaroo Full Movie

Dot and the Kangaroo (1977)

StillSquirrelling Sun 28-Sep-14 22:43:49

That's fabulous! Thanks for finding those - never thought to look on YouTube, despite having found lots of Thunderbirds full length episodes on there for DS the other day.

DaddysMamasNet Mon 29-Sep-14 20:13:23

I don't know how YouTube get to freely offer such complete & wonderful films. They're very quick to remove things that aren't above board so I'm sure they're legitimate. Especially since so many of my YouTube favourites disappear without even a reminder of what I'd previously favourited. Just leaving just an uninformative [ Deleted Video ] entry. I should find a way to keep its list of favourites on my own computer so I have a record.

Sweetasstevia Tue 30-Sep-14 12:20:28

These are the films my boys like best- think they are pretty unisex.

Lego Movie (just brilliant!)
Rio and Rio2
Room on the broom
Wizard of Oz
Megamind - (not just for boys)
Wreck it Ralph ( features a lot of sweets though)

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Feb-16 13:31:35

Hi everyone,

We're just sweeping up this little gem into films flowers

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