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HOW did the Vicar of Dibley make the top 3 sitcoms of all time????

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CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 23:47:53

OK not strictly film but PURLEEEESE it is a load of shite.

In front of Fawlty Towers and Dad's Army

Just shows how people are taken in by Richard sodding Curtis (and before you all say that he wrote Blackadder which came second in the poll, he only wrote the first series on his own which wasn't remotely funny, it was only when Ben Elton got involved that it was great) (IMO)


(do quite like Emma Chambers though as used to know her, she's the dippy blonde in it)

forestfly Sat 27-Mar-04 23:49:52

Because my mum thinks its funny

forestfly Sat 27-Mar-04 23:50:58

What are you doing watching it

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 23:51:05

do you?

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 23:51:29

I saw the end of the programme as I was on way to bed...

eddm Sat 27-Mar-04 23:52:24

Agreed (and re Emma Chambers loved her in err was it Notting Hill?). Clearly winner should have been Yes Minister or Porridge. Only good thing about Dibley was that it starred a woman, unlike all the other shortisted entries... but for quality of ideas, writing, direction, acting. etc. etc. etc. as if!

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 23:54:23

No idea won't watch silly Richard Curtis films

Was she in one?

forestfly Sat 27-Mar-04 23:55:31

No i don't at all, but mum lady thinks its very funny, and father ted(that is) but see the pattern, its laughing with a bit of religion thrown in. OO what a formula

eddm Sat 27-Mar-04 23:59:33

Yes re EC. Clearly am sad person watching this but in my defence so knackered could only slump in front of TV. Plus I used to write comedy in a very small way so some *ahem* professional interest - does that get me off the hook?

forestfly Sun 28-Mar-04 00:01:45

did you emm, how did you get into that then, what a fantastic job, are you a writer

eddm Sun 28-Mar-04 00:04:21

Journalist these days but used to write for a fringe theatre show for beer money. Bill Bailey, off Buzzcocks and Black Books, was in it.

forestfly Sun 28-Mar-04 00:05:04

Did you ever do Edinburgh

eddm Sun 28-Mar-04 00:08:52

Oh yes was fab! Theatre company used to hire one flat for actors and one for writers - had to get there early so you got a bed instead of sleeping bag on floor...

forestfly Sun 28-Mar-04 00:13:13

I loved living there, just for people like you. All of a suuden the world went different when you looked out of your bedroom window. Life got exciting: the talented people had arrived ( and the rest)

eddm Sun 28-Mar-04 00:15:57

Do you remember the scene in Trainspotting where they ripped off the tourists who'd come for the festival? Always assumed if you lived in Edinburgh you'd hate the poncy Londoners who overrun the city once a year!

forestfly Sun 28-Mar-04 00:39:23

I went to that pub............ dodgy still

carla Sun 28-Mar-04 02:23:36

Oooh I know a Bill Bailey. Did I miss it tonight? Sorry, love it - mostly at Christmas, aaaarter toooo many wines!

lou33 Sun 28-Mar-04 11:49:25

what was number one?

dinny Sun 28-Mar-04 11:53:29

Only Fools And Horses won. Agree about Vicar Of Dibley - bizarre that it was third!

lou33 Sun 28-Mar-04 11:56:21

Thanks Dinny

dinny Sun 28-Mar-04 11:57:25

I wanted Father Ted to win. Or Alan Partridge.

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 11:58:40

Fawlty Towers is the funniest BUT
Blackadder (2nd season on - agree with Curtis flayings twerp)) and Yes Minister were so clever and long running and smart! They were the best!
Dawn French is comedy goddess but it's lightweight comedy - funny but not the BEST kind of comedy

lou33 Sun 28-Mar-04 12:01:28

Every time RC is mentioned it makes me want to pull his fingernails out with rusty pins.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 28-Mar-04 13:24:25

Blimey - I couldn't understand why it was in the top 10! Or Open All Hours come to that.

bossykate Sun 28-Mar-04 13:35:42

i think both dawn french and jennifer saunders are completely overrated.

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