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Anyone know the name of the film about 9/11..?

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shhhh Thu 31-Aug-06 19:36:30

I think it's recently been released on DVD. I wanted to watch it out of curiosity but can't remember it's title...

Thanks xx

ocd Thu 31-Aug-06 19:36:47

flught somethign

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 31-Aug-06 19:37:55

flight 93
it is good

marthamoo Thu 31-Aug-06 19:37:57

Is it United 93?

Gobbledigook Thu 31-Aug-06 19:38:24

Flight 93??

marthamoo Thu 31-Aug-06 19:38:59

Is it out on DVD now? I'd like to see it too.

SaintGeorgeMarple Thu 31-Aug-06 19:39:58

Flight 93

shhhh Thu 31-Aug-06 19:40:10

Gosh..! Didn't think I would get get so many replies so soon..!!

I will look for it now. DH doesn't want to watch it and says I'm "off my head" for wanting to watch it..! I think pregnancy hormones are getting the better of if I need anymore reasons to cry..!!

BTW it's is sad or is it quite imformative.?

StrawberryMoon Thu 31-Aug-06 19:40:42

there is another one tho, not just about the planes??

Kelly1978 Thu 31-Aug-06 19:41:12

flight 93 is about another flight on the same day which was successfully rerouted through the actions of the paSSANGERS and failed to reach it's target. there is another 9/11 film that my bil has seen which is only released in the US atm, which I think is mreo centered around the twin towers planes.

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 31-Aug-06 19:41:14

sad coz you already know the end
but very good
it has real empathy iykwim

Molesworth Thu 31-Aug-06 19:41:57

I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews I read all seemed to indicate that it is a heart and gut wrenching experience. It definitely hasn't been hollywoodized. It got brilliant reviews.

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 31-Aug-06 19:41:59

the new one is called world trade
just released in us

Tinker Thu 31-Aug-06 19:42:01

It's excellent.

lol moo, I kept saying it United instead of Flight

Kelly1978 Thu 31-Aug-06 19:42:22

the one in flight 93 was also destroyed btw, it landed in a field or something. the new one is called world trade center

shhhh Thu 31-Aug-06 19:42:31

sm, I could just find world trade that the one you wanted..?


marthamoo Thu 31-Aug-06 19:42:37

Why are there two? Paul Greengrass is the director I've read about - it was all improvised, wasn't it?

Kelly1978 Thu 31-Aug-06 19:42:56

bil said world trade center was eccellent.

Kelly1978 Thu 31-Aug-06 19:43:39

marthamoo, they are very diff stories really. flight 93 was far less publicised, I was actually on the edge of my seat, as i DIDN'T know the ending

shhhh Thu 31-Aug-06 19:45:55

So flight 93 is the one I want to see..??

I remember watching the tv docu "the falling man". DH & I had to watch it over a few days. I felt so drained watching it..

Oh at least I'm not so morbid as dh tells me..! There's plenty who have watched it and who want to watch it..! LOL.!

Kelly1978 Thu 31-Aug-06 19:47:48

Id watch both, I really want to see the new one too. I think you are thinking of flight 93 as it is the only one here atm.

shhhh Thu 31-Aug-06 19:49:38

thanks kelly. Whens WTC out here.?

SaintGeorgeMarple Thu 31-Aug-06 19:57:40

WTC on UK cinema release 6th October

SaintGeorgeMarple Thu 31-Aug-06 19:58:53

I lied.

UK release 29th September.

Those of you in Finland will have to wait until 6th Oct

4mum Tue 28-Aug-07 23:10:45

try watching' loose change'
on you tube or google video

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