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Only Lovers Left Alive

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Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 14:17:43

What a fabulous film. Featuring the ever watchable Tilda Swinton as the coolest vampire ever and when did Tom Hiddleston morph into looking so gorgeous?

FuckingWankwings Sun 23-Feb-14 16:58:19

I actually thought he looked LESS good than usual... I'm not really a fan of the backcombed birds-nest hair and general mooning-about-being-glum 'rock' look though grin.

But I thought he was great. Heck, he's always great. Really really enjoyed it, especially the deeply tender love between them and the appalling beauty and pathos of poor derelict Detroit. Loved the music too.

Caitlin17 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:41:15

The soundtrack was good. They were so believable as a couple.

PersonalClown Mon 24-Feb-14 21:42:26

Oooh is it out??

Time for me to piss off to the cinema alone then.

OnlyLovers Tue 25-Feb-14 10:50:51

I'm envy of you going on your own, Clown! I went with DP; it was fine, but I now feel the urge to go again, by myself, and not have to talk about it afterwards or share my popcorn

Caitlin17 Wed 26-Feb-14 00:25:58

I'm going again on my own.

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