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200Cigarettes Mon 30-Dec-13 12:05:13

Watched it the other day - thought it was terrible! Was do let down esp as it was directed by the guy who directed district 9 which I thinks brilliant.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Wed 08-Jan-14 21:16:16

I also watched it over the weekend and was surprised at how pathetic some of it was. The story line and the plot, well... so much of it was not great at all.

I also found the random South African flag sticker on the mercenary's space craft really odd as well as his very strong SA accent and slang usage (I am SAfrican so understood it but not everyone would have).

I also thought the editing was up to maggots! Jodie Foster's voice did not match her on screen talking. It was very disconcerting and I landed up looking for other errors rather than enjoying the film.

I did sort of enjoy it, I must admit. But District 9 was MUCH better.

echt Sat 11-Jan-14 07:43:08

SUCH a disappointment after District 9. Sholto Copley was a good nutter, though.

MsAmerica Wed 26-Feb-14 23:27:24

Exactly my reaction. Derivative and unimaginative.

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