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prisoners -truly gripping

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TisTheSeasonToBeUnreasonable Sun 05-Jan-14 17:45:10

I thought it was a great film however as I have a son with ASD i found it quite difficult to watch in places :/

boofted Sun 13-Oct-13 22:34:48

It was a really good film. Jake Gyllenhaal was extremely good in it.

MrsAMerrick Mon 07-Oct-13 21:34:03

I went to see Prisoners last night, and thought it was brilliant. Although quite violent (I hid my face behind my hands for quite a lot of the film). And not for people who are scared of snakes....

I had been put off going by the idea that it's about 2 little girls being kidnapped, but once they have been snatched, the film focuses on (one of) the dad's reactions. Lots of twists, I thought I worked out "whodunnit" early on but wasn't (quite) right. Hugh Jackman is great. The only slightly jarring thing was the fact that the two families, best friends who share Thanksgiving etc, have been given the Hollywood twist of one white family, one black family, which feels like tokenism.

It is a disturbing film, but much better than I had anticipated.

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