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The World's End

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2kidsintow Tue 30-Jul-13 21:32:52

Just been to see it with DD1. And loved it.
To be fair, I've loved (nearly) everything Simon Pegg has been in (not so much Run, Fatboy, Run) and was hoping for the same mix of sci-fi/fantasy twist in a funny film.

It was slower to get going than Sean of the Dead, but then you didn't know exactly what was coming.

I thought the ending with Bill Nighy particularly amusing. smile

SunshineBossaNova Tue 30-Jul-13 22:20:09

I loved the soundtrack - took me back to my misspent youth ;)

2kidsintow Wed 31-Jul-13 00:00:39


MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Thu 01-Aug-13 23:15:08

I really liked it too, just watched it. Got quite tearful at one point too!

echt Sat 10-Aug-13 12:12:10

Saw this today, tip -top.
Fabulous soundtrack.

I thought some the fight scenes went for too long, but the confrontation with "the lamp" was so funny.

LadyVader Tue 13-Aug-13 15:07:45

Oh good! Glad it's good. I have Shaun and Hot Fuzz. Loved Spaced too.

Run fat boy run was disappointing and boring.

A friend of mine met Pegg and Frost and said they were both lovely chaps...envy

wintera Sun 25-Aug-13 19:18:33

Great film, saw it yesterday. Loved the soundtrack too, was tapping my feet all the way through.

PersonalClown Sun 25-Aug-13 19:21:08

I want to see it just because it was filmed in my town!!

Most of the pubs are our locals. I just want to shout out which pubs are which!grin

NettoSuperstar Sun 25-Aug-13 19:43:50

is desperate to see it, but she's too young.

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