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The Host

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Startail Sun 07-Apr-13 18:09:21

Due to exam revising mates and sleepover attending sisters, we ended up talking DD1(15) to see this.

It's nothing like as awful as the reviews make out, it's absolutely fit for the purpose of entertaining teen girls.

No sex, violence or swearing to speak of so fine to take 10-11y little sisters to. Younger that will get bored.

The male characters are very cardboard, so not much in it for brothers unless they are old enough to fancy the lead actress.

DH and I quite enjoyed it and DD1 really liked it, she says it managed to stick pretty close to the book. This we all know is very major plus.

Anyhow, if you have bored teen girls, they may well like it.

Also it would make a very good sleep over DVD as it's not going to offend any younger siblings who wander in.

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