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New Die Hard film. Any good?

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MikeandLor Thu 07-Mar-13 14:11:05

As someone who loved Die Hard (1), thought Die Hard 2 was alright, thought Die Hard 3 was better and thought Die Hard 4 was hit and miss but not bad, i am afraid to say I thought Die Hard 5 was just plain awful. It didn't have anything of the series original charm. Just endless explosions with no character or context


doglover Thu 21-Feb-13 18:28:19

......or even a *bit!!

doglover Thu 21-Feb-13 18:27:37

I'm finally getting over flu (?) and fancy a trip out tomorrow. To be honest, a bot of Bruce Willis escapism is just what I need! I love the other films ................ is this one the usual implausible wonderful rubbish?!! I do hope so!

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