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Lincoln - loved, loved, loved it!

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NorthernLurker Fri 08-Feb-13 11:20:40

I saw Lincoln last night and I thought it was amazing. Beautifully shot with humour and sensitive, wonderful performances. I thought Sally Field was utterly convincing as the complex, emotional, frightened wife. Daniel Day-Lewis is so good I have no words and I always adore David Strathearn (spelling?) It was just a beautiful evocation of a time and a proper political thriller. If you like The West Wing you would love this - just has more beards grin

Figgygal Sat 09-Feb-13 12:36:29

Hoping to see it soon am a Spielberg junkie

MsAmerica Sun 24-Mar-13 20:23:03

I loved it too - and I love your description as West Wing with more beards!

MercedesKing Tue 26-Mar-13 09:49:31

Have had a ear of The West Wing! I have always been a big fun of Lincoln by reading much of stories about him! Can fell what you described here!

carlajean Sat 13-Apr-13 19:02:52

loved it too, esp. Tommy Lee Jones

MsAmerica Fri 26-Apr-13 19:03:19

Does anyone else think it's amusing that there's a Brit imported to play Lincoln, and a Yank imported to play Thatcher?

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