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Sightseers: does not contain spoilers

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echt Sat 29-Dec-12 03:36:03

Sooo.. anyone seen this?

It got very good reviews in the Melbourne press, and the Guardian, so I was surprised to see it showing at only one cinema in town, when I reckon all the arty ones could have taken it.

Anyway, the usual comparisons with Mike Leigh hold good, though not with League of Gentlemen, as it is in no way fantastic. Cracking acting, some laugh out loud, though horrible moments, and genuinely touching. Not something I'd have anticipated when seeing a film about serial killers. I should say featuring serial killers, as it's love story in a way. DH and I cackled like witches, and it brought back memories of the Keswick Pencil Museum form school trips as a girl. The English landscape is as hauntingly lovely as in The Trip.

Check out the Guardian for reviews, trailer and interview with the actor/writers who, unsurprisingly. encountered some difficulty getting money up for this.

I'll definitely be getting this when it comes out on DVD

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