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Jack reacher movie. Anyone seen?

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MariahScarey Sun 23-Dec-12 21:29:55

Thinking of taking an array of teenagers / upper primary

diabolo Mon 24-Dec-12 09:36:03

Buy them the books instead. Watching the movie will be like watching Kiera Knightly play The Incredible Hulk.

MissCalamity Wed 26-Dec-12 20:43:30

Ha ha, nice one Diabolo. I'm a huge fan of the books and I shouldn't really repeat what words i used when I found out Tom Cruise was playing Jack Reacher, that said however myself & 3 friends, 2 of which are avid book fans too and have read One Shot are going next week to just see how it is & to probably do a lot a slagging off!
I think if you've not read the book, it'd be easier to get into it.

Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 28-Dec-12 23:09:03

I'm just home from seeing it.

Mediocre action film with some ridiculously slapstick/ plain WTF moments that made everyone in the cinema reach for their phones at exactly the same time.

Waste of good babysitting! hmm

MelodyBaker Sat 29-Dec-12 21:25:13

I hated it. Awful acting in places. More boy aimed film imo and I prefer the books

minxthemanx Wed 02-Jan-13 13:30:27

It was ok. Just about. But Rosamund Pike totally unconvincing as a lawyer, simpering pathetic blonde all the way through. Got on my tits.

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