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Which films could I snuggle up and watch with 3yo dd?

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jinglesticks Sun 04-Nov-12 16:00:38

I am 8 m pg and totally house bound, running out of ideas for entertaining dd. I like the idea of watching a film, maybe Disney, but she would get upset over almost any peril. Even some things on cbeebies upset her. Any suggestions for films that are just lovely and magical and hardly scary at all?
Thanks for any suggestions

nextphase Sun 04-Nov-12 16:05:48

well, DS1 adores Madagascar, but not sure that would meet the criteria.
Friends kids love Toy Story, but I'm sure that won't be a hit...
Hope you find something good to watch.

FrightRunScream Sun 04-Nov-12 16:08:14

Hmmmm..... 4 yo Ds and I watch Toy Story, Nemo, Jungle Book, Fireman Sam film and Lost and Found, but they all have a bit of peril.

Paintbynumbers Sun 04-Nov-12 16:10:16

I'd suggest Dumbo but I always end up bawling wink

GupX Sun 04-Nov-12 16:10:33

Lady and the Tramp

Pagwatch Sun 04-Nov-12 16:11:35

Wall-E is lovely.

cairnterrier Sun 04-Nov-12 16:18:21

Favourites with DS1 (2.10) are Madagascar 1 and 2, Toy Story 1,2 and 3, Lion King, Ice Age 1,2 and 3.


GoingToBedfordshire Sun 04-Nov-12 16:20:19

Wall-E is great.

Also Rio, Ice Age 1 and 2, Madagascar, The Aristocrats and the first and third Tinkerbell (the second one has scary rats).

jinglesticks Sun 04-Nov-12 16:53:49

Great ideas. I thought about dumbo but it makes me cry to. I think dd gets her over sensitivity from me! I'll watch the lady and the tramp, I don't remember much peril in that.
Thanks for suggestions

BegoniaBampot Tue 06-Nov-12 23:27:35

Our favourites were Peter Pan and Robin Hood.

comeonbishbosh Sun 11-Nov-12 21:04:15

Our DD is nearly 3 and loves Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I know ppl think of it as scary because of the childcatcher but she doesn't really clock it. She loves the songs and the children - and a lot of it is quite slapstick. At her age, I don't really expect to for her to watch a whole film at one sitting so fairly easy to bypass more scary bits. We have soundtrack as well and :warning: have listened to it in huge car fairly non stop for the last couple of months!

A friend with similar agd DD recommends Finding Nemo.

stickylittlefingers Sun 11-Nov-12 21:08:04


Wallace and Gromit films (which are slightly scary, but less so for being plasticine).

MsAmerica Mon 12-Nov-12 17:49:06

Does your three year-old have an attention span equal to a full-length movie. I was thinking more in terms of cartoon shorts, Disney, Looney Tunes, etc.

But most do have some kind of violence. It reminds me of when I once went to listen to a legal panel discuss violence on (adult) television. Someone made a great joke about cartoons being so violent that they shouldn't be allowed on television at an hour where children might be watching.

ATourchOfInsanity Mon 12-Nov-12 17:50:31

Jungle book? You get to dance too smile

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