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The Hobbit will now be made into three films: too much?

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BelfastBloke Fri 17-Aug-12 19:30:14

Do you think this is solely a money-making exercise, or are you happy at so much bang for the buck?

Film One - up until the barrel escape
Film Two - all of Smaug and Laketown until his death
Film Three - Battle of Five Armies and its fallout

It's all extended because there's all the stuff in the LOTR Appendices timeline about the White Council and their suspicions about who the Necromancer might be, and then their attack on Dol Guldur and driving him out (SPOILER he later arises as Sauron in Mordor).

Is this the geekiest first post ever?

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Fri 17-Aug-12 20:10:54

Oooooo but three films will last longer. Dp im happy!

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:11:16

Oh not BC. What is he going to be...hmmm. £1000000000 says that elf king of the forest who has weird midnight parties in the spider forest, & who gets a big sparkly emerald necklace at the end.

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:13:26

Ah... well, thats ok then. Glad to hear of younger Bilbo.

Who will be the totty? Please not BC, surely there's better than that. And I cant remember any women in the hobbit, am I going mad?

InkyWater Fri 17-Aug-12 20:13:51

I have a theory they will bring the best character Tom Bombadil in to try to appease those who were pretty pissed off at his absence from the first films moi???

I'm sure they could write him in somehow - but tbh i think even two films is pushing it for the Hobbit.

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:16:41

Oh, IW- I was going to say I hope they get a good Beorn, after missing out Tom Bombadil in the other. In my head TB looks like Freddie Starr. Is that weird?

bisjolympics Fri 17-Aug-12 20:17:12

BC is a mere boy compared to the luscious VM.

azazello Fri 17-Aug-12 20:19:54

It should have Orlando in I think (isn't his dad the king of Mirkwood?). I don't think BC sounds very promising given he's prancing around doing an Andy Serkis.

I think it is probably purely a money making scheme but am willing to be persuaded otherwise. Given that the chances of them filming the Silmarillion etc are slim to none, I hope some of the good bits will be picked up in the Hobbit.

Or it will be 12 hours if moody trees and I'll have Twilight flashbacks.

I think this is probably even geekier, Op.

BelfastBloke Fri 17-Aug-12 20:20:11


They've invented a female elf. Name of Tauriel.

And Galadriel will be involved in the attack on the Necromancer.

And bloody Orloondo Bland will be back as Legolas.

Tho to be fair, Legolas is the son of the Elf-King, so he would have been there in the castle.

InkyWater Fri 17-Aug-12 20:20:54

Freddie Starr grin

I picture him more as a sort of pagan Santa Claus type figure.....(and what does that say about me??? confused)

VivaLeBeaver Fri 17-Aug-12 20:20:56

We had a thread on this last month.

I think it's a bad idea but will be happy to be proved wrong. I think the real Hobbit fanatics might like it, but that doesn't mean that they'll make for good films. I love the book but think three films will equal boring, slow paced films.

azazello Fri 17-Aug-12 20:23:49

Beorn= Robbie Coltrane in his Hagrid suit.

GetDownNesbitt Fri 17-Aug-12 20:28:15

Three films - one too many, I reckon. But given that I refused to watch Fellowship for six months because I expected it to be crap, I can't be relied on. I am stupid, and I now realise my mistake...

HiHowAreYou Fri 17-Aug-12 20:29:17

If they're all forty minutes long that'll be fine. But I expect they'll be seven hours or something.
God, that last LOTR one just refused to end.

InkyWater Fri 17-Aug-12 20:30:03

I liked the 80's Cartoon - there was some truly scary shit in that! grin

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:30:38

The Simarilion! Oh yes. Tho I actually preferred unfinished takes <outgeeks azazello efortlessly>

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:32:01

Tales, curse it. Not takes.

Yes, Beorn is Hagridy.

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:33:16

What about the Master of Laketown? And that other one who saves the day, the gloomy fucker?

BelfastBloke Fri 17-Aug-12 20:33:28

OutGeeking?!?! I take that as a challenge:

Peter Jackson's company has the rights to LOTR and the Hobbit, but not to the Silmarillion.

Do I win?

LePan Fri 17-Aug-12 20:33:32

Am warmly reminded of CS Lewis' comment to Tolkien in their rooms in Oxford, when Tolkien was reading a section to CS. His interruption was:

"Oh no. Not another fucking orc."

motherinferior Fri 17-Aug-12 20:33:55

I am enormously looking forward to this blush grin

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:35:39

That is quite geeky. <kind>

BelfastBloke Fri 17-Aug-12 20:36:18

"Oh no. Not another fucking orc."

Actually it was "Oh no. Not another fucking elf."

And it was Hugo Dyson, another member of the Inklings.

i DO win!

motherinferior Fri 17-Aug-12 20:37:17

I reckon it will be rip-rollicking Fambly Entertainment. All the inmates of the Inferiority Complex will enjoy it. Although obviously by the time the third one comes out DD1 will be 14 so it will be far far far too shaming to come with us grin

LordFlasheart Fri 17-Aug-12 20:40:04

So when is the first one then? I can't wait, actually.

I liked them all singing in his hobbit hole and then fucking off the next day, with all their variously coloured hoods. Then giants? Then Rivendell, the Misty Mountains (v good), Mirkwood, barrell, Laketown, Smaug, Thrush, Battle, Crows, Treasure madness, the arkenstone, Happy ending. TBH it dosent seem enough for 3 films.

SlubberInAWrestlersLeotard Fri 17-Aug-12 20:42:16

I'm happy.

Gloomy fucker was Bard (the bowman).

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