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Electrick Children

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ThePan Mon 16-Jul-12 21:12:02

Just out this weekend, it's set in 1996 where a 15 yo Mormon girl, Rachel, thinks she is pregnant through listening to the forbidden vessel of a cover version of "Hanging On The Telephone" on a cassette. Ditching her community she goes to Las Vagas to find the father of her child, i.e. the lead singer.

It's really worth a viewing imho - nicely emphasises innocence and her commitment to finding the father is never in question. It's ripe for humour as well, as she finds out all sorts of stuff about life along the way. Really good supporting cast, and generally everyone in the film are attractive characters and mean good. Meanders a bit but no harm done. And Rachel has stunning hair. She is described at one point as " dirty blonde hair. face of an angel" which is pretty accurate.

iknowwho Mon 20-Aug-12 11:33:04

I'm hoping to go and see this tomorrow night!
It sounds odd and quirky which I like!!

LePan Mon 20-Aug-12 11:44:55

oh it's very charming and a bit left field. And that strangers one meets can actually be quite good people. Hope you really enjoy.

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