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Films for a film club

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delphinedownunder Thu 01-Mar-12 03:33:47

So, i have recently become chief organiser and general dictator of a film club. This means that i get to choose the films. We are mainly watching old films and world cinema. Any suggestions?

caspercat Fri 02-Mar-12 22:19:57

Pan's Labyrinth grin

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 22:22:44

This was the one I was about to suggest too, Caspercat!

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 22:23:20

Festen is good. A bit disturbing though!

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 22:24:50

'The orphanage' is good but scary.

southeastastra Fri 02-Mar-12 22:26:06

raise the red lantern
let the right one in
kitty foyle

um surely if you are organising it you already have ideas? grin

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 22:31:46

Would you include (romantic) comedies? If yes, may I suggest:

Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur)
Don't look now - we're being shot at (La grande vadrouille)

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 22:43:25

High heels (Tacones Lejanos), my favourite film from Almodovar.

Yourefired Fri 02-Mar-12 22:50:26

Yes to pan's labyrinth. Also, "never let me go" has lots to discuss/think about.

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 23:19:00

Some more suggestions:
- Them!
- Capricorn One
- Westworld
- The 400 blows (Les quatre cent coups)
- It's a wonderful life.

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 23:39:50

I remember liking this film a lot even though I cannot remember much of it now. I would still recommend it; it is called 'My life as a dig' (Mitt liv som hund).

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 23:46:23

'The night of the hunter' - great film, a little bit scary though!
'A place in the sun'
'Rebel without a cause'.

RatDesPaquerettes Fri 02-Mar-12 23:47:05

ooops, it was 'My life as a dog' (not as a dig)

sozzledchops Tue 06-Mar-12 09:44:59

Fish Tank - this one gets everyone talking quite passionately. Great movie.

upahill Mon 02-Apr-12 23:21:34

Animal Kingdom Set in Austrialia

Women on the verge of a Nervous Breakdown A Pedro Almodvar film

Bitiful with Javier Bardem. Really good

Timeoutofmind Thu 19-Apr-12 20:52:11

Cinema paradiso

upahill Thu 19-Apr-12 21:04:48

Here's one that is old AND world cinema that I have just watched 'Bicycle thieves', It is from 1948.

I enjoyed it.

margoandjerry Thu 19-Apr-12 21:06:20

Le Grand Chemin - lovely French film of about 20 years ago. Really one of the nicest, sweetest films ever. But French so you get to feel intellectual.

overthemill Mon 09-Jul-12 14:53:33

anything with daniel auteuil, javier bardem or audrey tatou is likely to be very watchable. A whole mix of genres too.
do you want just 'world' or would 'independent' be of interest too?

snow cake
a map of the world
the ice storm
don't worry i'm fine - french version
Home (french)

YouBloodyWolf Tue 21-Aug-12 23:22:25

Probably too late but I'd recommend Night on Earth and The Lives of Others. Both would keep bums on seats and get conversation going afterwards.

BegoniaBampot Tue 25-Sep-12 00:37:05

All about Eve
What happened to Baby Jane
Tie me up, Tie me Down - Alomdovar

TotemPole Thu 27-Sep-12 14:01:07

The Devil's Backbone
Like Water For Chocolate

For older films
An Affair to Remember
The Ladykillers
Rear Window

TotemPole Thu 27-Sep-12 14:06:49

Oh, I've just noticed the date in the OP.

What did you decide to watch, is the film club still going?

delphinedownunder Tue 02-Oct-12 22:38:03

We have watched loads of films, including the parrots of telegraph hill, frieda, Paris je t'aime, the woman in the fifth, backbeat, tell no one, hope and glory. We usually get between five and fifteen people each time, which is fine. Will be continuing next year, thanks for asking!

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