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Which film do you wish you hadn't seen (not because it was crap)

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GiganticusBottomus Thu 27-Oct-11 09:44:32

I saw Fennel posted on the 'we need to talk about Kevin' thread saying she's just seen the film and wished she hadn't

I really wish I hadn't seen 'Seven' I found it really disturbing.

Any other films you recommend avoiding?

VforViennetta Mon 26-Nov-12 01:11:58

Quite a lot of "disturbing" films I have just found tedious, like SAW, human centipede etc.

I actually quite liked the first 2 Hostel films and sevenblush. My sisters walked out of Wolf Creek, I found it moderately disturbing.

Funny Games though eurgh, I hate that film, so claustrophobic and horrid, I hate any kind of home invasion type thing. I don't do rape very well either, Irreversible was awful, I think I actually watched it on ff, with my hands over my eyes for most of it.

Lilya4eva is brutal, as is Breaking the waves and Antichrist, I just don't really know what to make of Von Triers if I'm honest.

The ring (Japanese version) shit me up good and proper, especially because I watched it on my own, then went to go to bed and the dvd player decided to switch itself back on with a screen of static, brown trouser time grin.

Life is Beautiful is pretty disturbing, I generally steer clear of those type of movies.

The Orphanage was pretty heartbreaking, Mum and Dad was bizarre. Tony:Serial Killer was brilliant.

VforViennetta Mon 26-Nov-12 01:15:15

I thought Martyrs was pretty pants tbh, it bored the shite out of me.

Also the much touted "disturbing" film Haute Tension is a bloody blatent rip off of "Intensity" by Dean Koontz.

Actually Pet Semetary is actually much scarier and more disturbing than the shining, the film/book totally gives me the willies.

orchidee Mon 26-Nov-12 02:24:09

These films had a hopeless feel. Like someone already said, it's the lack of resolution that lingers:

Boxing Helena (storyline similar to Misery, but I found it worse.)

Kiss the girls. Just horrible.

Wolf creek. I don't tend to remember quotes from films but "head on a stick" urgh.

I haven't seen Sophie's Choice but have it on Tivo. So I think I'll delete that one.

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