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Cars 2 - how long did you stay awake for?

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cornsilksy Fri 22-Jul-11 22:57:55

I managed to kepp my eyes open till the race in Italy. Then woke up when they were in London and was most confused. confused

Holstar Wed 27-Jul-11 12:52:34

is it suitable for a very sensitive 4yr old who gets scared easily?? grin

GeoffK Mon 08-Aug-11 23:09:45

Absolutely not! Scared the life out of my little boy (3 1/2) due to the level of violence (sounds stupid doesn't it!).
Here is the body of the e-mail I've just sent to the BBFC...
"I am inquiring as to the rules and process by which your classification of Disney's CARS 2 was determined to be 'Universal'.

Having been to see this with my son recently, who became very distressed, I found myself quite shocked that the 'U' classification could have been applied.

The issue I have with your decision relates to the level of violence.

I quote from your webpages:
'A ‘U’ film may include brief fight scenes or moments where characters are placed in danger. However, moments of emotional stress or threat will be quickly resolved and the outcome will be reassuring.'

The open sequences of the film include prolonged tension and violence.
The open sequences of the film include the obvious death (by crushing off screen and on impact from a high fall) of two characters.
The open sequences of the film include inference of death of a large number of characters at once caused by explosion of a spiral ramp previously shown to contain a large number of characters.
The open sequences of the film contain continuous and repeated threatening behavior by a large number of characters.
Later in the film a scene of thuggish violence in a public convenience is played out inappropriately interleaved with a slapstick comedy sequence.
Later in the film a character is visibly tortured.
After the torture the same character is killed following a distinct verbal command with only mild visual disguise of the act itself.

A further quote from your webpages:
'‘Baddie’ characters may carry or use weapons, but there will be no emphasis on these. Child or ‘hero’ characters are unlikely to use any kind of weapon.'

In the opening sequences of the film nearly all the 'baddie' characters carry weapons and use them extensively.
Throughout the film there is extensive emphasis on the use of weapons, by 'baddies'.
Throughout the film a central theme is the weapon used to explode the fuel, the same weapon previously used to torture and kill a character.
Throughout the film some good characters make extensive and prolonged used of weapons.

I would ask that someone please contact me with an explanation of how the accurate description I have made above of a large part of only the first half of this nearly 2 hour long film complies with the guidance statements I have quoted from your own website.

Your main website is not available today, so I would also appreciate instructions on how I can make a formal complaint should the requested explanation not be forthcoming or be inadequate.

I would like to finish by noting that despite (I paraphrase) the characters being 'merely cars' and 'violence often resulting merely in dents and scrapes' the depiction of violence and injury in this sequel is made throughout in a wholly different and more malevolent and adult manner that the first of the CARS films and that it does include violence and death on numerous occasions with no 'reassuring resolution'. In my opinion it is the malevolence of intent that is most frightening to a child, and this is in no way addressed by your classification of this film."

In short - don't go, CARS 1 we loved - still do, but in my opinion CARS 2 is way short of acceptable as a U rated film.

babyocho Mon 08-Aug-11 23:11:03

my mum took my nephew to a super expensive 3D showing and was asleep after 15 mins for the duration of the film!

susiedaisy Mon 08-Aug-11 23:15:20

Well cars 1 was shite my kids now too old for number 2 thank goodnessgrin

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