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Another Year, Mike Leigh - has anyone seen this...?

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blighter Mon 11-Apr-11 00:27:29

just seen this film, blown away by it, speechless actually, which if you knew me is saying something. emotionally draining, fantastic acting, very depressing though...

amberleaf Mon 11-Apr-11 00:30:36

Not seen it but have been wanting to since i saw it advertised.

Love mike leighs films.

Must try and get a copy.

echt Tue 19-Apr-11 02:05:11

Excellent film.

shubiedoo Tue 19-Apr-11 02:17:57

Not much plot but the characters are so well done. Is it true Mike Leigh doesn't use scripts, the actors make up their own dialogue? It seems that way. I loved it too.

Pagwatch Tue 19-Apr-11 03:22:36

It is fabulous. Just brilliant.
And yes, the actors rehearse improvising scenes until he gets a cut he wants. Brilliant.

upahill Sat 23-Apr-11 20:28:32

We had a thread on it the other month

I liked it.

quirrelquarrel Sun 19-Jun-11 13:38:31

I haven't seen this, but I do love Mike Leigh!

I'm a bit obsessed with Career Girls at the moment- watching it for the fourth time.

HerMajestiesSecretCervix Tue 05-Jul-11 15:51:20

Loved it. Made me tear up a wee bit. Amazing acting.

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