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Can you suggest a film for 12 year old girls to watch please? My mind's gone blank

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BarringtonWomble Wed 13-Oct-10 17:19:55

Something to entertain dd and her friends. Not overly interested in High School Musical though. Any ideas? All suggestions welcomed! Thanks smile

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 13-Oct-10 17:25:50

St Trinian's
Wild Child
Wild Target (out this week)
Remember Me
Dear John
Step up series
Letters to Juliet

GrimmaTheNome Wed 13-Oct-10 17:30:55

My DDs favourite at the moment is Stormbreaker... girls don't only like 'girly' films, obviously.

juneybean Wed 13-Oct-10 17:33:32

I like Mean Girls but it's rated 13 :/

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 13-Oct-10 17:37:33

Mean Girls is very good.
13 going on 30
The Devil Wears Prada

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 13-Oct-10 17:39:40

The one with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. Whip It.

DilysPrice Wed 13-Oct-10 18:02:18

Bring It On (?certificate)
Princess Bride
Curse of the Wererabbit
Howls Moving Castle
(random flick through DVD shelves)

DilysPrice Wed 13-Oct-10 18:04:09

Lord of the Rings (the set will keep them out of your hair all day, plus, Orlando Bloom).

BarringtonWomble Wed 13-Oct-10 22:31:51

Oh thanks! Loads here I've not heard of so this is greatsmile

pointydog Wed 13-Oct-10 22:46:21

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging is fab (12).

Night at the Museum (Ben Stiller) is good.

Also, Meet the Parents (also Stiller) for a good comedy.

The PArent Trap.

Northernlurker Wed 13-Oct-10 22:55:43

My 12 yr old loves The Devil Wears Prada!

bruffin Mon 18-Oct-10 13:25:37

My just 13 yr loves

The Last Song
Whip It
Just My Luck
St Trinians
Wild Child
Ponyo or any Studio Ghibli
Mean Girls (12A there is no 13 rating in the UK)
Streetdance and Step Up 3

Longstocking2 Tue 19-Oct-10 23:49:51

I've heard the latest Alice in Wonderland recommended for girls this age.

snice Tue 19-Oct-10 23:51:32

Legally Blonde?

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Tue 19-Oct-10 23:59:43

I think my dsd liked Legally Blonde at that age.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Wed 20-Oct-10 00:00:03

oops x-post with snice sorry!

Longstocking2 Wed 20-Oct-10 00:03:34

My Girl 1&2,
Stand By Me,
The Secret Garden
The Nanny Diaries
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Bridge To Taribithia
Princess Diaries

Longstocking2 Wed 20-Oct-10 00:04:09


snice Wed 20-Oct-10 10:46:51

just thought of Hairspray

madihah9877 Fri 03-Apr-15 10:58:31


Hulababy Fri 03-Apr-15 11:02:30

12y dd suggestions:

Mortal Instruments
Hunger Games
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
pitch Perfect
Mean Girls
Whole range of Superhero films
Bill and Ted
Back to the Future

Hulababy Fri 03-Apr-15 11:03:52

Oh and Twilight, Wild Child, and lots of the 80s type films are quite cool now

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 03-Apr-15 11:09:06

Bugsy malone - how much fun must those kids have had filming (glad I weren't in charge of them all grin)

I also sent on big n back to the future
Or Indians Jones
Or star wars
Pitch perfect?

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 03-Apr-15 11:09:41

*second tbublush

ThereIsIron Fri 03-Apr-15 11:13:08

12yo DD likes

Hunger Games
The Maze Runner
Pitch Perfect
Anything Marvel-related
Bridge to Terabithia

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