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What film would you call a 'classic'?

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PersonalClown Sat 07-Aug-10 21:41:15

I'm watching Fantasia yet again and I love it. I think it's one of Disney's best and had to go see 2000 at the IMAX!

AnxiousLand Wed 08-Sep-10 18:21:52

Message deleted

womblingfree Tue 28-Sep-10 00:30:23

First one that came to mind - Dead Poets Society

Miasma Tue 28-Sep-10 00:33:56

Forrest Gump!

AnyFuleKno Tue 28-Sep-10 00:42:30

Annie Hall

IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 01:01:38

I'd love to know what AnxiousLand's message said grin (bearing in mind my opinion of such Disney films)

Classic? Amelie.

PavlovtheCat Tue 28-Sep-10 01:20:15

5th Element
Blade Runner
The Crow

IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 01:26:33

Flight of the Navigator

strandedatsea Tue 28-Sep-10 01:26:45

Apocolypse Now.

IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 01:27:20

Labyrinth grin

Miasma Tue 28-Sep-10 02:14:35


IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 02:21:27

Princess Bride!

ethelina Tue 28-Sep-10 02:23:07

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 02:34:22

Breakfast Club

ethelina Tue 28-Sep-10 02:38:05

The Incredibles

IMoveTheStars Tue 28-Sep-10 02:42:01

Pretty Woman

tallwivglasses Tue 28-Sep-10 02:46:29

Jungle Book

ethelina Tue 28-Sep-10 02:53:53

Flash Gordon

ppeatfruit Tue 15-Mar-11 09:34:11

West Side Story, South Pacific, Carousel, Sound of Music, Oklahoma (anyone see a pattern?!) They don't make films like those anymore!

bemybebe Tue 15-Mar-11 10:04:51

breakfast at tiffany's

ShatnersBassoon Tue 15-Mar-11 10:05:58

Die Hard

wendylovesbob Tue 15-Mar-11 10:06:46

Billy Elliot

ppeatfruit Wed 16-Mar-11 11:54:50

I second bemybebe's choices as well.

Ormirian Wed 16-Mar-11 11:56:28

Rebecca! Love it. Dark, brooding and haunting And that's just Olivier grin

Ormirian Wed 16-Mar-11 11:56:57


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