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Bewitched: any good for 6 yr old dd?

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FrenchGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 17:09:44

anyone seen it? would dd like it?

kid Sun 21-Aug-05 17:33:29

I put it on for DD 6 and DS 3 today. DS fell asleep and DD said the witch didn't do much magic!

I think it would be suitable for a 6 year old, I haven't watched it all yet but the bits I saw looked good.

Frenchgirl Sun 21-Aug-05 18:10:09

thanks kid, that's encouraging

Aniles Sun 21-Aug-05 18:56:24

I've seen this film and was very dissappointed. There isn't much magic in it and unless you know the original version of bewitched it's likely to go over your head. In the cinema I heard a few young people say they didn't get it, including some 10 year olds I was with.

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