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Men, women and the abuse of power.

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Ellie7878 Sun 20-Nov-16 21:33:06

Just read a review of a book with a very thought-provoking premise:

In short, the novel imagines a future female dominated society in which females discover a propensity for violence, humiliation and sadism. Such a future seems fanciful, but it does raise a very interesting question: if women did win equal power to men, would they abuse it to the same degree as men?

Patriarchy theory holds that there is nothing innately distinguishing men from women (eg. the notion of women being more nurturing and gentle than men is a patriarchal construct). Therefore it would follow that women, being equally human, would be no less likely to abuse their power.

In an equal society, women would have equal opportunity to use power to do good; but they would also have equal opportunity to do evil. There would a growth in female pedophiles and corporate fraudsters. Not that female empowerment would result in there being any more pedophilia or corporate fraud in the world; but there would be a levelling out. Less men would abuse power in this way while more women would. In other words, vicious forms of power would be demonstrated by both genders to a roughly equivalent degree.

I've just never really though of it like that before. Maybe I've fallen into the patriarchal trap of thinking women are somehow innately different to men.

What are people's thoughts.

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