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ashaleeeighx Tue 12-Mar-13 20:25:24

Hi guys,

I'm currently studying Higher Sociology and Higher English and i've decided to do my Discursive essay on Feminism and, i genuinely would just like to hear some of your opinions on Feminism and whether or not you think that it's being taken too far or if it's not taken seriously enough or if it's still as prominent as it was say 50+ years ago.

Your input would be greatly appreciated, trying to get a feel about what mumsnet is all about!

Many thanks,

Ashleigh x

almondeyes57 Wed 13-Mar-13 21:41:46

Hi Ashleigh
I teach Higher Sociology at my local college and I am also a Feminist . In my opinion Feminism can never be 'taken too far.' Thats' because ( as you already know I'm sure, as you are studying this topic! ) there are still many women in the world who live their lives in fear of men... there are stlll women being sacked in the UK for being pregnant ... there are still women who are not allowed an education .... young girls are increasing sexualised... I could go on but dont want to go in to ranty mode ! I would also say that in todays society Feminism is very much to the fore - the internet is a fantastic forum for discussion and activism. Some of my students and I rfecently added our names to the 'keep the bare boobs out of the sun ' petition for example. Good luck with your studies.

GardenPath Fri 15-Mar-13 04:07:40

Hmmmm....well, where do you start? At this time of night, while I have some time to myself which I could waste on sleep, I have to conserve my energy so, Almondeyes, if you don't mind, I'll use your post as a kick-off point. I think you're right, Feminism cannot be 'taken too far'; after all, what is 'too far' when the world is as Masculinist as it is, and looks as if it'll be that way for a while yet? Indeed, Masculinism is the default setting, isn't it? In fact, I might say I'm not a Feminist, it's just the rest of the world is Masculinist. It may not always have been that way, in the history of humankind, and there are lots of theories and, indeed, evidence, that the position of women was not always subordinate, or at least, as subordinate (to men), as we see in the world today. Of course, there's plenty of evidence that women were even more subordinate than we see today................ ....oh fuck it - nothing's fucking well changed! Nothing's fucking well changed in twenty thousand fucking years since the Venus of fucking Willendorf. Give it up girl, get some lippy on; don't give it away for free, get out there and make the bastards pay for it. (Thinks: Wonder how different the world would be if women were just stronger than men....?)

feminist4life Wed 24-Apr-13 13:42:49

How did feminism start?


An unlocked kitchen door!

Thought this joke was hilarious and I really wanted to share it with you lovely feminists out there :L

MsRose Wed 24-Apr-13 13:53:29

I will say that in some situations that Feminism is still needed such as unequal pay for women. I will admit that women are still sexualised and that is something that needs to go. That is a situation that Feminism still needs to work at. But in most other situations Feminism has done its job and saying that it hasn't achieve anything is insulting. As women of today can have a education, vote and wear trousers.

However I personally believe that in most situations women are better off than men. As most men don't get to see their children when they get divorce because the judges believe that only women can look after their young.

What do need to do is allow parents to gain equal footing despite the women giving birth to the child and we have to give women equal pay

Leicslad Thu 24-Jul-14 03:11:20

Hi there

I am a guy with 2 daughters and I am actually proud that larger companies now are looking at promoting women into what would be a traditional male role. I am an electrical engineer and I find it brilliant to see a new face and its a bright young lady. I think I have got feminism to thank for that but I am fearful of one of my daughters being taken for a token gesture. I hate the old school thinking as I want my girls to be the best and compete on a level playing field. I think we need better education and simply point out to companies that they really stand to gain from having the kind of different qualities that a woman can bring rather than a force the numbers game.

ubersquiz Fri 17-Oct-14 20:46:55

Feminism can be and is on occasion taken too far. When it becomes about empowering women to the detriment of men, then yes its taken to far.

To give one small example. A number of airlines will refuse to seat a single child next to an adult male. To assume that all men are child molesters without the consideration that its entirely possible for women to also molest children. That's feminism taken too far.

ubersquiz Fri 17-Oct-14 20:52:01

This is what concerns me. I worry that my son may be denied future career because a woman has been chosen over him because they need to fulfil a quota.

It puzzles me why there is a need for these quotas. I think its gotten to a point where equality has trumped equal opportunity. There are some jobs that women simply don't want to do, the same as there are jobs that most men don't want to do. No amount of quotas will ever change this.

YonicScrewdriver Sat 18-Oct-14 09:28:25

If all these quotas have gone too far, why are there so few women in the higher levels of so many professions? Could you tell me at which percentage of women they went too far, in your view?

PuffinsAreFicticious Sat 18-Oct-14 13:35:37

Busy boy. All these zombie threads and all in this topic.

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