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The Comedy Store MCR

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Ailo Wed 07-Aug-19 11:30:16

Good Morning.
Recently I stumbled across this post on Facebook. I'm appalled, and the venue in question still seem to be mocking this behaviour!

The girl who posted was called Olivia O'Neill. Regarding the way she was treated in A Comedy club in Manchester. 'The Comedy Store's official stance on the incident appears to be that the girls couldn't take a joke.

"Last night I experienced some of the most misogynistic backwards attitudes i have ever come across. Myself and my sister walked in to the The Comedy Store - Manchester to a extremely male heavy crowd. As we were finding our seats comedian Alex Boardman sneered over the mic “have you ordered two prostitutes in” I started to type out what we were wearing to show how little flesh we had on show but then I realised this really didn’t matter - this “joke” came from no other place other than the fact we were women walking in to a pit of sneering men. We sat down in our seats and the lovely Amy Webber, One of 2 female comedians on the bill that night made the decision to walk out in to the crowd and up to us in our seats to tell us how disgusted she was and not to worry she was going to call him out on stage. side note - thank god for women like this. At this point our night was ruined and we wanted to leave, we got up and walked out and as we walked to the door Alex Boardman chanted down the mic “buy one get one free buy one get one free buy one get one free” I was in actual disbelief at this point. Holly rightfully so gave him the finger to which he replied “not the sexiest I have to say” because how dare a woman stand up for herself. This was not a joke, Comedy often dances on the line of offensive but the difference with this was there was no build up or context or punchline It was just a man standing on stage sexualising and degrading two of the only girls in that room while other men laughed. The only point to the “joke” was women = sex objects. Amy Webber who I hear was brilliant was gonged after 3 minutes, after which she stood on stage and said “comments like that sexualising women are why there are only 2 out of 19 females here today” These are clearly the values of The Comedy Store and Alex Boardman."

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